College of Education and Allied Professions

CEAP Diversity

The College of Education and Allied Professions supports policies and practices that focus on the promotion and valuing of diversity. The College is committed to designing, implementing and evaluating curricula and experiences and for ensuring that candidates have experiences working with diverse faculty, diverse candidates, and diverse students in P-12 schools and other social service settings. This will ensure that our candidates have the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to help all students and clients.

What is Diversity?

We define diversity broadly to include exceptionalities, race, ethnicity, culture, religious background, gender, linguistic differences, socioeconomic level, and any of the other ways our society defines human and group differences, including age, geography, sexual orientation and national origin.

CEAP Diversity Portfolio

The purpose of the CEAP Diversity Portfolio/eBriefcase is to provide co-curricular educational experiences to students admitted to the undergraduate teacher education program that will promote their knowledge, skills, and dispositions related to diversity and cultural competency. Through these curricular and co-curricular educational experiences and the open exchange of ideas that allow, students can become more reflective thinkers and commit to moving beyond the status quo to address and take action on complex contemporary social issues.  The portfolio consists of two Tiers and an optional Diversity Certificate.

Tier I: Exploring the Iceberg of Diversity

  • Students will acquire a greater breadth of knowledge of the diversity they will encounter in school settings.
  • Make personal judgments about the importance and relevance of issues related to diversity in education to which they are exposed through speakers, workshops and/or films.
  • Students will begin to develop strategies for addressing the needs of all their future students.

Tier II: Melting the iceberg of Diversity

Students will model a personal and professional commitment that exemplifies dispositions that promote the educational growth and overall wellbeing of themselves, their students and/or others in a diverse world.

Diversity Certificate

In addition to the requirements above, students can choose to earn a Diversity Certificate through participation in one or more sustained diversity experiences. 
For a list of current events that students can participate in, please visit our Diversity Dialogue Facebook page.  

Please view our document with details about the requirements for the different sections of the Diversity Portfolio.  The portfolio is administered in Tk20.

Who are We?

The CEAP Diversity Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and students who represent the College of Education and Allied Profssions, other colleges in Academic Affairs, staff in Student Affairs, and administrators from across the campus.

CEAP Diversity Committee Membership 

Brandi Hinnant-Crawford, Chair of Diversity Committee  Human Services
Yancey Gulley, Co-Chair of Diversity Committee  Human Services
 Kia Asberg  Psychology
 Roseanna Belt, Director  Cherokee Center, Director
 Dale Brotherton  Human Services
 Pam Buskey  School of Teaching & Learning
 Dale Carpenter, Dean  College of Education and Allied Professions
 Lydia Cook  College of Education and Allied Professions
 Mary Ella Engel  History
 Chena Flood, Director  Office of Field Experience
 Elizabeth Frazier  Graduate School and Research
 Dan Grube, Director  School of Teaching & Learning
 John Habel  Psychology
 Brian Kloeppel, Associate Dean  Graduate School and Research
 Rebecca Lasher  Social Work
 Ling LeBeau, Director  International Programs & Services
 Beth McDonough  Hunter Library
 Jan Stanfield  Graduate School and Research
 Kim Winter, Dean  College of Education and Allied Professions
 Shawna Young  Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


CEAP Diversity Working Subcommittees

Diversity Programming:
Members: John Habel, Rus Binkley, Pam Buskey, Beth McDonough, Elizabeth Frazier, Jan Stanfield, Dale Brotherton, 
Brandi Hinnant-Crawford

Recruitment & Retention:
Members: Phyllis Robertson, Paul Worley, Julia Madison, Marcia Godfrey, Dan Grube, Sharon Dole, Brandi Hinnant-Crawford


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