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College of Education and Allied Professions

CEAP Diversity Committee

The College of Education and Allied Profession’s Diversity Committee is the longest standing diversity initiative at Western Carolina University. We are pleased to carry on a long legacy of intentionally educating our students in the concepts of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Along with this, we have and continue to not only serve the college as an advocate for justice-oriented practices but offer opportunities for learning and advocacy to the larger campus community. Today, we do so through powerful partnerships with other colleges, programs, offices, and departments in both academic and student affairs at Western Carolina University. We believe that by focusing on diversity, we not only make progress toward the creation of positive environments on campus but in the communities we serve as our graduates enter the workforce and our faculty and staff engage in community and professional service. Our purpose and intention clearly align with the strategic plans of the college, as well as the university.

We strive toward these ideals by creating opportunities for dialogue, challenge, engagement, and education around topics related to diversity. In order to accomplish this we offer a variety of activities, including: sponsoring speakers, offering diversity dialogues, engaging in hiring processes, advising campus and community partners, and collaborating with other campus efforts aimed at increasing justice and inclusion.


The CEAP Diversity Committee strives to cultivate and sustain an inclusive community that values open dialogue, cooperation, shared responsibility, mutual respect, and cultural competence – the driving forces that enhance teaching, scholarship, and service in education and related professions.


The mission of the CEAP Diversity Committee is to foster and maintain a diverse, welcoming community that supports the development of culturally competent and globally minded professionals who engage with the western North Carolina region, state, and world.

For more information, see our Mission and Goals document.

Who are We?

The CEAP Diversity Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and students who represent the College of Education and Allied Professions, other colleges in Academic Affairs, staff in Student Affairs, and administrators from across the campus.

Those interested in engaging with the committee through possible membership should contact us through our general email,


Brandi Hinnant-Crawford, Chair of Diversity Committee
Yancey Gulley, Co-Chair of Diversity Committee
Kia Asberg
Sky Sampson
Phyllis Robertson
Pam Buskey
Dale Carpenter
Melissa Faetz
Mary Ella Engel

Benjamin Francis-Fallon
Elizabeth Frazier
Dan Grube
Callie Schultz
Brian Kloeppel
Rebecca Lasher
Ling LeBeau
Beth McDonough
Kim Winter
Shawna Young
Debby Singleton
David Solomon
Charmion Rush
Kelly Kelley
Adrienne Stuckey
Lisa Bloom
Patricia Bricker
Dana Patterson
Siham Lekchiri

Diversity Certificate

In addition to the requirements above, students can choose to earn a Diversity Certificate through participation in one or more sustained diversity experiences. 
For a list of current events that students can participate in, please visit our Diversity Dialogue Facebook page.  

Please view our document with details about the requirements for the different sections of the Diversity Portfolio.  The portfolio is administered in Tk20.

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