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ELMG Graduate Student Receives Award

Betty Jo Moore

Betty Jo Moore

The N.C. Science Teachers Association (NCSTA) has awarded Betty Jo Moore, who teaches science at Wiley Magnet Middle School in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools the Ann Watkins Middle School Distinguished Service Award for 2020. Moore will graduate this December from WCU's elementary/middle grade M.A.Ed. program.

The award is given to a person exhibiting leadership in science education, contributing to improvements in science education, and excelling in all aspects of science education. This honor is determined by other science educators throughout North Carolina and serves as recognition of Moore’s professional excellence and contributions to science education in North Carolina.

Beverly Lyons, who taught for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools before retiring and is a past president of the NCSLA, spoke highly of Moore. “Betty Jo works hard to give her students an authentic science education in many ways,” Lyons said. “She frequently invites scientists to present in her classroom to enrich her lessons. Betty Jo has written and received several grants that provide her classroom with real life investigations. Betty Jo goes beyond the classroom by providing community STEM outreach for her district’s Title I program. Betty Jo is a lifelong learner. Every summer, she attends professional development workshops. I believe Betty Jo exemplifies leadership as a strong science educator.”

Moore said: “I know that my 'cool' lifelong learning experiences have taken me around the world to teach and to explore, but the most important part is the impact those opportunities have on my students and the school. I love my job and just want to get students excited about learning. This year has been challenging (as we all know). I just want students to be more inquisitive when they leave than when they arrived.”  

Moore writes to her professors at WCU, "My time at WCU fine-tuned my teaching and that is why I wanted to share this information with you. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity that I had to take classes and receive my degree from WCU."

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