Andy Gambill



Andy Gambill is a native North Carolinian having grown up in Wilkes County and is an alum of Western Carolina University. During his time at Western Carolina University, he graduated with a degree in Print Media from the Communication Department. He also graduated from the Western Carolina University Honors College.

After receiving his Master's degree from NC State, he taught Public Speaking at Durham Technical Community College, Methodist College, and Fayetteville Technical Community College. His time in Fayetteville included involvement in a program where he taught Public Speaking to multiple sections of Special Forces soldiers from Fort Bragg.

However, in 2011, Andy realized a dream when he was hired at his alma mater to help teach in the Communication Department. He is happy to be back and even happier to be helping students in the never-ending battle of nerves versus public speaking. He derives great enjoyment out of helping students to overcome their fears of public speaking and become well-rounded communicators in all facets of communication.

Andy and his wife Amanda now live in Andrews, North Carolina with their cat, bird, African-spurred tortoise, and three dogs—as well as their daughter Sophia.

Department of Communication
Lecturer – Human Communication
Phone: 828-227-2468
Office Address: Stillwell 273


  • M.A.Ed., N.C. State University
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