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The Broadcast Sales program at Western has been recognized as one of the first of its kind in the country and is highly regarded by members of the broadcasting industry.

At their core, every broadcast medium in the United States is first and foremost a business engaged in selling advertising. Those who wish to enter broadcast management are universally required to have a successful background in media sales. Additionally, many other media-related fields strongly value a media sales background.

Western's interdisciplinary program draws on four vital subject areas in developing a well-educated sales professional: entrepreneurship, communication, marketing, and professional media sales. As a part of the degree a student will have the opportunity to earn his or her first level of nationally recognized professional certification.

Requirements for the B.S. Degree in Communication/Broadcast Sales

Liberal Studies - University Required 42 hours

Communication Core (19 hours)

Required Practical Course:

COMM 240 - Writing for Communication Credits: 3

Required Theory Course:

COMM 350 - Communication Theory and Criticism Credits: 3

Required Professional Courses:

COMM 296 - Introduction to Professional Development Credits: 3

COMM 483 - Internship in Communications Credits: 3, R9

COMM 496 - Seminar in Professional Development Credits: 1

Select two (2) of the following communication courses:

COMM 301 - Interpersonal Communication Credits: 3

COMM 312 - Small Group & Team Communication Credits: 3

COMM 345 - Public and Mediated Speaking Credits: 3

COMM 415 - Intercultural Communication Credits: 3

Broadcast Sales (21 hours)

COMM 307 - Advertising Writing Credits: 3

COMM 458 - Broadcast Sales and Promotion Credits: 3

CS 130 - Introduction to Computing Credits: 3

ENT 201 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship Credits: 3

MKT 201 - Marketing Planning and Strategy Credits: 3

MKT 206 - Introduction to Professional Selling Credits: 3

Select three (3) hours of communication department electives

To complete the program: A total of 38 hours is required, including a minor, second communication concentration, second major, or other approved program and student selected general electives. At least 30 hours taken at WCU must be at the junior-senior level to meet one of the general university degree requirements.

Total hours required for the degree: 120

Note: The above information is not an official listing of the coursework required for the B.S. degree in Communications/Broadcast Sales. For an official listing of the required courses you should consult the official Western Carolina University catalog of courses.

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