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Dr. Cheryl Waters-Tormey

Department Head, Geosciences and Natural Resources
Associate Professor, Geology

Cheryl Waters-Tormey


Phone: 828-227-3696
Office Address: Stillwell Building 331A

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest:

Structural geology and plate tectonic history, especially Appalachian and Precambrian Australia; relationship between bedrock structures and slope stability.


  • GEOL 140: "Investigations in Environmental Geology"
  • GEOL 330: "Geophysics"
  • GEOL 371: "Structural Geology"
  • GEOL 471: "Tectonics"


  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 2004
  • M.S., University of North Carolina, 1999
  • B.S., Duke University, 1995


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  • Waters-Tormey, C., Goodwin, L.B., Tikoff, B., Staffier, K., Kelso, P., 2009. A granulite facies normal shear zone exposed in the Arunta Inlier of central Australia: Implications for deep crustal deformation during oblique divergence. In: Miller, R.B., and Snoke, A.W. (Eds.), Crustal cross sections from the western North American Cordillera and elsewhere: Implications for tectonic and petrologic processes. Geological Society of America Special Paper 456, p. 267–286.

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  • Waters, C. L., 1999. Mapping and related studies of pre-Alleghenian tectonic features within the Blue Ridge thrust complex of western North Carolina: Micaville Quadrangle. M.S. thesis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Selected Conference Presentations: (undergraduate co-authors indicated by *)

*Hartman, C., *Hurding-Jones, H., *Pedigo, R., *Hurst, E., Tormey, B., Waters-Tormey, C., Peek, K., Bilderback, E., Anderson, D., Hungerford, J., Young, R., submitted. Mapping landslide and rock fall hazards in Yellowstone National Park using the Unstable Slope Management Program’s slope assessment mobile application. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs.

Waters-Tormey, C., Styers, D., *Pedigo, R., *Hurst, E., 2017. Combining outcrop, magnetic, and airborne LiDAR data in a course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE): interpretation of bedrock fracturing in the northeastern Deep River Basin and adjacent basement, North Carolina. American Geophysical Union Abstracts with Programs.

*Keever, Jr., M., Waters-Tormey, C., Mills, R., 2016. Field and geochemical constraints on the origin of the Panthertown Valley felsic complex: western NC. Geological Society of AmericaAbstracts with Programs 48, doi: 10.1130/abs/2016SE-273879.

*Allen, K., *Haddon, A., *Brazelton J., *Dodgin, L., *Gatlin, J., *Hartigan, S., *Howard, S., *Lilly, C., *Reiford, M., Waters-Tormey, C. , 2016. Using ductile strain patterns to infer development of fractures: an example from the Panthertown conservation area, NC. Geological Society of AmericaAbstracts with Programs 48, doi: 10.1130/abs/2016SE-273402.

Waters-Tormey, C. , *Fowler, A., Beyer, E., Reno, B., Weisheit, A., Whelan, J., 2015. Constraints on the evolution of structural compartments with unconventional reservoir potential in the southeastern Georgina Basin area, Australia, from adjacent basement exposures. American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Annual Convention Abstracts.

*Fowler, A., Waters-Tormey, C. , 2015. Microstructural evidence of cyclic hydraulic and cataclastic brecciation in a dilational fault zone, Jervois Range region, Central Australia. Geological Society of AmericaAbstracts with Programs 47, p. 78.

*Williams, G., Waters-Tormey, C. , Kinner, D., 2015. Fold-related structures: implications for variability in groundwater storage and recharge in the Blue Ridge, western North Carolina. GSA Abstracts with Programs 47, p. 78.

Waters-Tormey, C. , Ashley, K.T., Tracy, R., 2014. Two-stage deformation, and two styles of localization, in a deep crustal normal sense shear zone: Mount Hay block, Central Australia. GSA Abstracts with Programs 46, p. 238.

*Williams, G., Waters-Tormey, C. , Kinner, D., 2014. Relationships between fracture patterns and km-scale structures in low-porosity rock as inferred from geomorphology: implications for fluid/gas storage and permeability. GSA Abstracts with Programs 46, p. 97.

Waters-Tormey, C. , Whelan, J., Kositcin, N., Beyer, E., Kraus, S., Reno, B., 2014. Using basement exposures to better understand influence of deep structure on the structural evolution of intracontinental basins with unconventional reservoir potential. AAPG Annual Convention Abstracts.

Whelan, J.A., Beyer, E.E., Reno, B.L., Kraus, S., Kositcin, N., Waters-Tormey, C. , 2014. Building on the geological framework of the eastern Arunta Region: recent regional geological investigations in the Jervois Range area. In, Annual Geoscience Exploration Seminar (AGES), Abstracts. Northern Territory Geological Survey, Record 2014-001.

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