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Scott W. Huffman

Scott Huffman


Department of Chemistry and Physics
Associate Professor, Analytical Chemistry

Phone: 828-227-3669
Office Address: 224 Natural Sciences Building


Ph.D., University of Rhode Island

M.S., University of North Carolina at Wilmington

B.S., University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Areas of Interest:

Optical sensor design; spectroscopic analysis of cultural heritage objects

Selected Publications:

Scott W. Huffman, Arthur L. Salido, and David D. Evanoff, Jr.; “Quantitative Infrared Spectroscopy in the Undergraduate Laboratory via Multivariate Mixture Analysis of a Simulated Analgesic,” Spectroscopy Letters, 43, 539-544, (2010).

Ned H. Martin, Ruth M. Floyd, H. Lee Woodcock, Scott Huffman, Chang-Kiu Lee; "Computation of through-space NMR shielding effects in aromatic ring p-stacked complexes," Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modeling 26, 1125-1130, (2008).

Nicole J. Crane, Edward G. Bartick, Rebecca Schwartz Perlman, Scott W. Huffman; "Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging for Non-Invasive Detection of Latent Fingerprints," Journal of Forensic Sciences 52, 48-53, (2007).

Donsheng Bu, Scott W. Huffman, John Seelenbinder and Chris W. Brown; “Enhancement of Infrared Hyperspectral Images for Maximizing Chemical Information; Minimizing Baseline Interference,” Applied Spectroscopy 59, 575-583 (2005).

Sebastian Schlücker, Michael D. Schaeberle, Scott W. Huffman and Ira W. Levin; “Raman Microspectroscopy: A Comparison of Point, Line and Wide-Field Imaging Methodologies,” Analytical Chemistry, 75, 4312-4318, (2003).

Scott W. Huffman, Susan Geldart, Susan Elliot, Jay F. Sperry and Chris W. Brown; “Analysis of Microbial Components Using LC-IR,” Analytical Chemistry, 75, 4606-4611, (2003).

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