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Chemistry and Physics Faculty and Staff

Faculty members in our department are committed to excellence in teaching and engaging our students in scientific research.

Name: Position:
Cynthia A. Atterholt, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Environmental Chemistry
David J. Butcher, Ph.D. Professor, Analytical Chemistry
Karen Butcher, Ph.D. Instructor, Chemistry
Utpal R. Chakraborty, Ph.D. Instructor, Organic Chemistry
J. Hank Davis, M.S. Instructor, Chemistry and Physics
Channa R. De Silva, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Bioinorganic Chemistry
Brian D. Dinkelmeyer, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Organic Chemistry
D. Al Fischer, Ph.D. Instructor, Chemistry
Instrumentation Specialist
Maria D. Gainey, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Kyle R. Hess, M.S. Instructor, Chemistry
General Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator
Rangika S. Hikkaduwa Koralege, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Physical Chemistry
Carmen L. Huffman, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Physical Chemistry
Chemistry Graduate Program Director
Scott W. Huffman, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Analytical Chemistry
Chemistry Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Alesia C. Jennings, Ph.D. Instructor, Chemistry
Berna Karayaka, M.S. Instructor, Chemistry
William R. Kwochka, Ph.D. Professor, Organic Chemistry
Charles F. Marth, Ph.D. Instructor, Organic Chemistry
Jack S. Summers, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Inorganic Biochemistry
Jamie R. Wallen, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Biochemistry
Department Head
Name: Position:
Brittania J. Bintz, M.S. Research Scientist and Academic Advisor
Maureen P. Hickman, M.S. Instructor, Forensic Biology
Nuwan T. Perera, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Forensic Chemistry
Frankie L. West, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Forensic Biology
Name: Position:
Kamal Butrouna, Ph.D. Instructor, Physics
Kelley H. Dinkelmeyer, M.S. Instructor, Physics
Enrique A. Gomez, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Astronomy and Physics
Paul A. Heckert, Ph.D. Professor, Astronomy and Physics
Yee Kao, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Physics
Physics Program Coordinator
Matthew J. Rave, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Physics
Damon M. Smith, Ph.D. Visiting Instructor, Physics
Mesfin A. Woldeyohannes, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Physics
Name: Position:
Wesley W. Bintz, M.S. Research Operations Manager
College of Arts and Sciences
Diann H. Ferguson Administrative Support Associate
Office of Web Services