Chemistry and Physics Faculty and Staff

Faculty members in our department are committed to excellence in teaching and engaging our students in scientific research.

Department Head:  
David D. Evanoff, Jr.  Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Nanomaterials Chemistry
Chemistry Faculty:  
Cynthia A. Atterholt Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Environmental Chemistry
David J. Butcher Ph.D.; Professor, Analytical Chemistry
Karen Butcher Ph.D.; Instructor, Chemistry
Utpal Chakraborty Ph.D.; Visiting Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry
Hank J. Davis M.S.; Lecturer, Chemistry
Channa R. De Silva Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Bioinorganic Chemistry
Brian D. Dinkelmeyer Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Organic Chemistry
Maria Gainey Ph.D.; Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Rangika Hikkaduwa Koralege Ph.D.; Assistant Professor, Physical Chemistry
Carmen L. Huffman Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Physical Chemistry
Chemistry Graduate Program Director
Scott W. Huffman Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Analytical Chemistry
Chemistry Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Alesia C. Jennings Ph.D.; Instructor, Chemistry
Berna Karayaka M.S.; Lecturer, Chemistry
William R. Kwochka Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Organic Chemistry
Charles F. Marth Ph.D.; Instructor, Organic Chemistry
Arthur Salido  
Jack S. Summers Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Inorganic Biochemistry
Jamie R. Wallen Ph.D.; Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Forensic Science Program:  
Brittania J. Bintz M.S.; Research Scientist
Nuwan Undugodge Don Perera Ph.D.; Assistant Professor, Forensic/Analytical Chemistry
Physics Faculty:  
Kamal Butrouna Ph.D.; Lecturer, Physics
Kelley Dinkelmeyer M.S.; Instructor, Physics
Enrique A. Gomez Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Physics
Paul A. Heckert Ph.D.; Professor, Astronomy & Physics
Yee Kao Ph.D.; Assistant Professor, Physics
Physics Program Coordinator
Matthew J. Rave Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Physics
Mesfin A. Woldeyohannes Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Physics
Wesley W. Bintz Research Operations Manager
Diann Ferguson Administrative Support Associate
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