Dr. Kelly Grisedale

Assistant Professor, Forensic Science

Phone: 828-227-3970
Email: ksgrisedale@wcu.edu
Office Address: 136C Stillwell Science Building


Ph.D., Bond University, Australia
M.ForSc., Bond University, Australia
B.Sc., B.Journ., University of Queensland, Australia

Areas of Interest:

Forensic analysis of low template DNA samples.

Selected Publications:

Grisedale, K, & van Daal, A. (2014). Linear amplification of target prior to PCR for improved low template DNA results. Biotechniques. 56(3):134-141, doi: 10.2144/000114148

Grisedale, K, & van Daal, A. (2012). Comparison of STR profiling from low template DNA extracts with and without the consensus profiling method. Investigative Genetics, 3(14),doi:10.1186/2041-2223-3-14

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