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B.S. in Chemistry

Lab Students


As a member of the department, you’ll gain a firm foundation through coursework as well as the scientific training and research experience necessary for employment or graduate education. Approximately half of our graduates seek employment in environmental chemistry, biotechnology, or with government agencies. Most of the other half enroll in graduate studies in chemistry, medical school, or pharmacy school.

Chemistry is often called the 'central science' that connects physics, biology, engineering, and medicine. A chemistry degree will help you gain a better understanding of our world at the molecular level and how we can develop new materials that improve and advance our society. Within the chemistry program you can choose a standard, comprehensive degree or one with a concentration that matches your goals and interests. You may also choose to get both your B.S. and M.S. degree through our Accelerated B.S./M.S. (ABM) program. Students typically earn both degrees in just five years.

There are four undergraduate degree options available to students within the chemistry major. Your chemistry advisor can help you in deciding which concentration most closely matches your career goals. You can strengthen your degree in another discipline by adding a chemistry minor.

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