Maria Gainey


Office: 333 Natural Sciences Building


  • Postdoctoral Trainee Washington University Medical Center
  • Ph.D. Microbiology and Immunology Wake Forest University School of Medicine
  • B.S. Biology/Chemistry, Studio Art minor Appalachian State University

Courses Taught:

  • Biology 493/Chemistry 493 PHAGE Hunters
  • Biology 493/593: Virology Course
  • Biology 414/514 Methods of General Microbiology
  • Biology 333: Cell and Molecular Biology Lab
  • Biology 140: Principles of Biology I Lab
  • Chemistry 132: Survey of Chemistry I Lab
  • Chemistry 333 Survey of Chemistry II Lab

Research Interests:

Immunology, Virology, Bacteriophage Genomics, and Virus-Host Interactions


Schoggins JW, MacDuff DA, Imanaka N, Gainey MD, Shrestha B, Eitson JL, Mar KB, Richardson BR, Ratushny AV, Litvak V, Dabelic R,Manicassamy B, Aderem A, Richard M, Elliott RM, Garcia-Sastre A, Racaniello V, Snijder EJ, Yokoyama WM, Diamond MS, Virgin HW, Rice CM. Selective viral targeting by interferon effectors defines a requirement for cGAS in antiviral immunity. Nature 2014 Jan; 505(7486).

Gainey MD, Rivenbark JG, Cho H, and Yang L, and Yokoyama WM. Viral MHC class I inhibition evades CD8+ T-cell effector responses in vivo but not CD8+ T-cell priming. PNAS 2012 Nov; 109(47).

Szretter KJ, Daniels BP, Cho H, Gainey MD, Yokoyama WM, Gale M Jr, Virgin HW, Klein RS, Sen GC, and Diamond MS. 2’-O methylation of the viral mRNA cap by West Nile virus evades ifit1-dependent and independent mechanisms of host restriction in vivo. PLoS Pathogens 2012 May;8(5).

Pinto AK, Daffis S, Brien JD, Gainey MD, Yokoyama WM, Sheehan KC, Murphy KM, Schreiber RD, and Diamond MS. A temporal role of type I interferon signaling in CD8+ T cell maturation during acute West Nile virus infection. PLoS Pathogens 2011 Dec;7(12).

Gainey MD, Manuse MJ, and Parks GD. A hyper-fusogenic F protein enhances the oncolytic potency of a paramyxovirus simian virus 5 P/V mutant without compromising sensitivity to type I interferon. J. Virology 2008 Oct;82(19):9369-80.

Gainey MD, Dillon PJ, Clark KM, Manuse MJ, and Parks GD. Paramyxovirus induced shut off of host and viral protein synthesis: role of the P and V proteins in limiting PKR activation. J. Virology 2008 Jan;82(2):828-39. (Selected as a spotlight article).

Wansley EK, Dillon PJ, Gainey MD, Tam J, Cramer SD, and Parks GD. Growth sensitivity of a recombinant simian virus 5 P/V mutant to type I IFN differs between tumor cell lines and normal primary cells. Virology 2005 Apr 25;335(1):131-44.

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