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Malcolm R. (Mack) Powell

Mack Powell


Department of Biology


Phone: 828-227-7244
Office Address: Natural Sciences 132A


Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1982

M.A., Wake Forest University, 1979

B.A., Wake Forest University, 1976

Publications & Presentations:

Powell, Malcolm R., Juliette Morgan, Jeannette Guarner and Daniel G. Colley. 1998. Cytokine mRNA profiles in hearts of inbred strains of mice that develop different degrees of cardiac pathology after infection with Trypanosoma cruzi. Parasite Immunology. 20:463-471.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Interagency Working Group on Xenotransplantation. 1998. [CDC authors: Louisa Chapman, William C. Reeves, Bobby Brown, Thomas Spira, Richard Spiegel, Michele L. Pearson, Charles Rupprecht, Thomas M. Folks, Salvador Butera, James Ebert and Malcolm R. Powell]. The Draft U.S. Public Health Service Guideline on Infectious Disease Issues in Xenotransplantation. In: Xenotransplantation: Scientific Frontiers and Public Policy. Edited by Jay Fishman, David Sachs, and Rashid Shaikh. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 862: 166-70.

Secor, W. Evan, Malcolm R. Powell, Juliette Morgan, Thomas A. Wynn and Colin D. Funk. 1998. Mice deficient for 5-lipoxygenase, but not 12-lipoxygenase, display altered immune responses during infection with Schistosoma mansoni.Prostaglandins and Other Lipid Mediators 56:291-304.

Greer, George, J. R., Nancy A. Nix, Celia Cordón-Rosales, Beatriz Hernandez, Charles M. MacVean and Malcolm R. Powell. 1999. Seroprevalence of Trypanosoma cruzi in three rural communities in Guatemala. Pan American Journal of Public Health 6:110-116.

Herwaldt, B. L., M. J. Grijalva, A. L. Newsome, C. R. McGhee. M. R. Powell, D. G. Nemec, F. J. Steurer and M. L. Eberhard. 2000. Use of polymerase chain reaction to diagnose the fifth reported autochthonous transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi - Tennessee 1998. Journal of Infectious Diseases 181:395-9.

Guarner, Jeannette, Jeanine Bartlett, Sherif R. Zaki, Mario J. Grijalva, Daniel G. Colley and Malcolm R. Powell. 2001. Animal model for Chagas disease: immunopathologic study of tissues from acute and chronic infection. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 65:152-158.

Rizzo, Nidia R., Byron A. Arana, Anaite Diaz, Xiomara Muñoz, Celia Cordon-Rosales, Julio C. Argueta, and Malcolm R. Powell. 2003. Chagas disease seroprevalence among school age in the endemic area of Guatemala. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 68:678-682.

Yabsley, Michael J., Terry M. Norton, Malcolm R. Powell, and William R. Davidson. 2004. Molecular and serologic evidence of tick-borne Ehrlichiae in three species of lemurs from St. Catherines Island, Georgia, USA . Journal of Zoology and Wildlife Management. 35(4):503-509

Ndao, Momar, Terry W. Spithill, Rebecca Caffrey, Hongshan Li, Vladamir N. Podust, Adam Rainczuk, Regis Perichon, Cynthia Santamaria, Alberto Ache, Mark Duncan, Malcolm R. Powell, and Brian J. Ward. Identification of novel diagnostic serum biomarkers for Chagas disease in asymptomatic subjects by mass spectrometric profiling. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 48(4):1139-1149.

Powell, Malcolm R., Edwin C. Rowland, Jennette Guarner, Mario J Grijalva and Daniel G. Colley. Alteration of the degree of Trypanosoma cruzi- associated cardiac damage by injection of anti IL-4 or anti IL-12. (in preparation)

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