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Laura E. DeWald

Laura DeWald


Associate Professor of Environmental Science, Natural Resource Conservation and Management, and Biology; Program Director, Environmental Science Program.

Phone: 828-227-2478
Office Address: Stillwell 136

Areas of Interest:

Conserving biodiversity in managed ecosystems; ecological genetics; restoration ecology.


ES 101: "Careers and Issues in Environmental Science"

ES 150: "Introduction and Approaches in Environmental Science"

ES 495: "Senior Research Seminar in Environmental Science"

NRM 140: "Natural Resource Conservation and Management"

NRM 351: "Forest Ecology"

BIOL 254: "Dendrology"

BIOL 441/541: "Conservation Biology"

BIOL 438/538: "Ecological Restoration"

BIOL 439/539: "Ecological Genetics"


Ph.D., Forestry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1986

M.S., Forestry, Pennsylvania State University, 1982

B.S., Forest Management, Michigan Technological University, 1980


McRae, B.H., P. Beier, L.Y. Huynh, L. DeWald, and P. Keim. 2005. Habitat barriers limit gene flow and illuminate historical events in a wide ranging carnivore, the American puma. Molecular Ecology 14:1965-1977.

Steed, J.E. and L.E. DeWald. 2003. Transplanting Sedges (Carex spp.) in southwestern riparian meadows. Restoration Ecology 11(2):247-256

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Fischer, D.G., T.E. Kolb and L.E. DeWald. 2002. Changes in whole-tree water relations during ontogeny of Pinus flexilis and Pinus ponderosa in a high-elevation meadow. Tree Physiology 22(10):675-685.

Chen, Z., T.E. Kolb, K.M. Clancy, V.D. Hipkins and L.E. DeWald. 2001. Allozyme variation in interior Douglas-fir: association with growth and resistance to western spruce budworm herbivory. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 31:1691-1700.

Naumburg, E., L.E. DeWald, and T.E. Kolb. 2001. Shade responses of five grasses native to southwestern U.S. Pinus ponderosa forests. Canadian Journal of Botany 79:1001-1009.

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DeWald, LE and S Grant. 2007. Changes in northern red oak genetic population structure following decline of the American chestnut and harvesting on genetic diversity of northern red oak in western NC. WFGA/SFTIC Joint meeting. Galveston Island, TX. June 19-22

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Zhang, H. and L.E. DeWald. 2005. Genetic differentiation of ponderosa pine and a dominant grass in northern Arizona: Implications for restoration. Western Forest Genetics Association Annual Meeting, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR July 19-21, 2005.

McRae, BH, P Beier, LE DeWald and P. Keim. 2005. Gene flow among mountain lion populations in the American southwest. 8th Mountain Lion Workshop. Leavenworth, WA, May 16-20, 2005

DeWald, LE 2005. Science and policy issues associated with using native seed for re-vegetation. Biology Department Seminar Series, Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC, Jan. 28, 2005.

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