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Jeremy Hyman

Jeremy Hyman


Department of Biology

Phone: 828-227-3657
FAX: 828-227-7066
Office Address: 132 Natural Science Building

Ph.D., Biology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, 2001
B.A., Biology, University of Chicago, 1993

Courses Taught:
BIOL 140: Principles of Biology I
BIOL 141: Principles of Biology II
BIOL 241: Intro Ecology & Evolution
BIOL 471/571: Animal Behavior
BIOL 472/572: Ornithology

Hyman, J & Levesque, H. “Bird Brains. The Wild and Wacky World of Birds”. Lake Forest, CA, Moondance Press. 2017. - A children’s book about bird intelligence, spring 2017.

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Research Presentations:
Aggression, Personality and Urbanization in Song Sparrows, Psychology Departmental Seminar, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. 2018

O’Hanlon, K., Stover, K. Hyman, J. Flight initiation distance changes, but not by much, before and after banding in Song Sparrows (Melospiza melodia); Wilson Ornithological Society, Chattanooga, Tennessee. 2018

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Hyman, J. (2011) Urban habitats limit expression of Behavioral Syndromes in Song Sparrows. Meeting of the Animal Behavior Society. William and Mary College, Williamsburg, VA.

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