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Indrani Bose

Indrana Bose


Department of Biology
Associate Professor

Phone: 828-227-3658
FAX: 828-227-7066
Office Address: 207 Stillwell


Ph.D., Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, Duke University, 2001

M.S., Botany, Calcutta University, 1991

B.S., Botany, Calcutta University, 1989

Courses Taught:

BIOL 102: Human Genetics

BIOL 240: Introduction to Genetics

BIOL 333: Cell and Molecular Biology

BIOL 419/519: Cell Biology

BIOL 421/593: Principles of Biotechnology

BIOL 693: Readings in Genetics


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I Bose, and TL Doering (2011). Efficient Implementation of RNA interference in the pathogenic yeast, Cryptococcus neoformans. J Microbiol. Methods. 86(2): 156-159.

AS Howell, NS Savage, SA Johnson, I Bose, AW Wagner, TR Zyla, HF Nijhout, MC Reed, AB Goryachev, and DJ Lew (2009). Singularity in polarization: rewiring yeast cells to make two buds. Cell 134(4): 731-743.

Z Tong, X Gao, I Bose, DJ. Lew, and E Bi Essential role of a Cdc42 GAP in repositioning the axis of cell polarity in yeast. J. Cell Biol. 179(7): 1375-1384.

AJ Reese, A Yoneda, JA Breger, A Beauvais, H Liu, CL Griffith, I Bose, M Kim, C Skau, S Yang, JA Sefko, M Osumi, J Latge, EE Mylonakis, and TL Doering (2007). Loss of cell wall alpha-1,3-glucan affects Cryptococcus neoformans from ultrastructure to virulence. Mol. Microbiol. 63(5): 1385-1398.

JS Klutts, A Yoneda, MC Reilly, I Bose, TL Doering (2006). Glycosyltransferases and their products: cryptococcal variations on fungal themes. FEMS Yeast Res. 6(4): 499-512.

I Bose , AJ Reese, JJ Ory, G Janbon and TL Doering (2003). A yeast under cover: The capsule of Cryptococcus neoformans. Eukaryotic Cell 2(4): 655-663.

AR Marquitz, JC Harrison, I Bose, TR Zyla, JN McMillan and DJ Lew (2002). The Rho-GAP Bem2p plays a GAP-independent role in morphogenesis checkpoint. EMBO J. 21(15): 4012-4025.

AS Gladfelter, I Bose, TR Zyla, ESG Bardes and DJ Lew (2002). Septin ring assembly involves cycles of GTP loading and hydrolysis by Cdc42p. J. Cell Biol. 156(2): 315-326.

I Bose , J Irazoqui, ESG Bardes, TR Zyla and DJ Lew (2001). Assembly of scaffold-mediated complexes containing Cdc42p, the exchange factor Cdc24p and the effector Cla4p required for cell-cycle regulated phosphorylation of Cdc24p. J. Biol. Chem. 276(10): 7176-7186.

P Yamuna, I Bose, TB Jha and S Jha (1993). Direct organogenesis from internodal segments of in vitro grown shoots of Ipecac, Cephalis ipecacuanha.Rich. Ind. J. Exptl. Biol. 31: 926-929.


Seminar at Appalachian State University, Nov 20, 2013.
Talk: Using RNA interference to understand the biology of the pathogenic yeast, Cryptococcus neoformans.

Science in the Mountains, Boone, NC. Apr 11-12, 2013. Student posters.

Fungal Genetics Conference, Asilomar, Monterey, CA. Mar 12-16, 2013.
Poster: Ordered kinetochore assembly in the human pathogenic basidiomycetous yeast, Cryptococcus neoformans.

Molecules in the Mountains, Cullowhee, NC. Apr 12, 2012.
Talk: An RNA interference screen for virulence factors in Cryptococcus neoformans.

Biology of yeasts and Filamentous Fungi, CCMB, Hyderabad, India. Dec 13-17, 2009.
Poster: An RNA interference screen for virulence factors in the basidiomycete, Cryptococcus neoformans.

Seminar at Clemson University, Nov 21, 2008.
Talk: RNA interference and the basidiomycetous yeast, Cryptococcus neoformans.

International Conference on Cryptococcus and Cryptococcosis, Boston, MA. June 24-28, 2005. Poster: Screening for genes involved in the virulence of Cryptococcus neoformans.

Gordon Conference: Cellular and Molecular Fungal Biology, Holderness School, NH. June 20-25, 2004. Poster: Using RNA interference for forward genetics in Cryptococcus neoformans.

Marine Biological Laboratory Workshop, Woods Hole, MA. Aug 7-25, 2003. Course in Molecular Mycology. Course directors: Dr. A.P. Mitchell and Dr. J. Edwards.

ISHAM Conference, San Antonio, TX . May 25-29, 2003. Poster: RNA interference in Cryptococcus neoformans.

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