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Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown


Assistant Professor

Office Address: 132 Natural Sciences Building

UNC SPIRE Postdoctoral Fellow, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Ph.D. Duke University, Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health Program
B.S. Elon University, Biology

One of the major challenges facing human exposure toxicology and environmental ecotoxicology is assessing a constantly growing number of synthetic chemicals to protect incredibly diverse wildlife populations and people during development. Additionally, exposures take place in tandem, chronically, during developmentally susceptible windows, and may be heavily influenced by climate change. My research approach is motivated by the goals of 1) Characterizing how early developmental toxicant or drug exposures produce predictable cardiovascular pathologies and other novel phenotypes, 2) Addressing how exposures function on a basic molecular and physiological level, 3) Determining how to longitudinally monitor the consequences of toxicant and drug exposures, 4) Examining how climate change may exacerbate developmental toxicity, and 5) Exploring how drugs and toxicants slow or increase the pace of aging. My research strives to provide better characterization of cardiac development, general developmental milestones, and assess the underlying mechanisms leading to developmental abnormalities following early-stage exposures with the ultimate goal of creating intervention strategies. 

In addition to my research work, I am very interested in teaching and research mentorship of undergraduates. My interest in science communication and teaching is motivated by a desire to take complex information and make it accessible to a broad audience. I enjoy working in teams and collaborating with others, and then sharing my knowledge in layman's terms. My research is positioned at the intersection between environmental exposure and human health, and I look forward to providing unique teaching and research experiences for undergraduates and masters students at Western Carolina University.   Teaching Portfolio

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