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Students show off in language and culture competition

Spanish kahoot competition

Students warm up as the basic level of the competition gets underway.

On the evening of Thursday, October 22, a group of SPAN students from across all levels gathered virtually for a Kahoot! competition testing the students' knowledge of Spanish language and Hispanic cultures. Dr. Garrett Fisher and Mr. David Jons organized the event, which divided students into basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Questions tested students' familiarity with national capitals and currency, historical sites, regional foods. As the event moved from basic to advanced, the questions began to focus on more specialized information, such as revolutionary movements, key figures in the worlds of art and music, as well as works of Nobel prize-winning writers.

Kahoot two devices

Dr. Fisher keeps things coordinated behind the scenes with multiple devices.

There was a mix-up regarding who could participate in which level, so some winners are still being decided at the time of this writing. We are happy to acknowledge the performance of these students: 

At the intermediate level, Cece Adams took first place, Lily Amoon placed second,  and Ashlyn Albers finished third.

Of the students in the advanced level, Gillian Hernandez was our first place winner and Patrick Cavallarin took third place.

Each winner will receive a plaque, trophy, or medal, depending on the award. Congratulations to these students, and many thanks to all the participants!

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