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Japan with Nanaka - Vol. 3

Monthly Newsletter curated by Nanaka Okamura, a Japan Outreach Initiative (JOI) Coordinator

Character Contest

students practicing Japanese characters


On Tuesday, November 30, students learned about Yuru-Chara in Japan. It was interesting to see how each character has its own unique characteristics! The students designed their own characters for the WCU Japanese Program.

Japanese Conversation Table

students at Japanese conversation table


On December 3, I co-hosted an online Japanese conversation table. The participants were 5 Japanese and 7Japanese learners. We introduced ourselves and talked about the areas we live in, and then enjoyed free conversation in the breakout room.

Nengajo Contest

nengajo contest


On December 3, we learned about how to send Nengajo (New Year's cards) in Japan, the difference between "元日(Ganjitsu)"and "元旦 (Gantan)", and the difference between "(Tatsu)", "(Tatsu, Ryu)" and "(Tatsu, Ryu)", and more. The students also designed wonderful Nengajo.

Christmas in Japan

students making Christmas origami


On December 8, I introduced places that Japanese people visit during Christmas, Christmas TV commercials, and Christmas gifts. There are so many beautiful illumination spots in Japan, such as Huis Ten Bosch and Ashikaga Flower Park, and Nabana no Sato. We looked through the Christmas gift catalog and felt like children. We used origami to make Santa Claus, gift bags, and a three-dimensional Christmas tree. Making the Christmas tree was difficult, but each student did their best to make it.

Japanese Culture Presentation

Japanese culture presentation


On December 9, I was invited to give a presentation at the We Walk Together:Intercultural Dialogue Group. I talked about Japan with quizzes, videos, and pictures. Participants enjoyed quizzes about Japan and making Mt. Fuji with origami.

Paper Airplane Flying Contest

paper airplane flying contest


On December 15, students who took time out from their final exams and assignments to participate in the event made paper airplanes on their own and competed for flying distance and accuracy. As this was the last event of 2021, students learned about year-end and New Year's greetings.

For More Information

For more information about the events I am hosting, please check out my Instagram (@NNK_JOI19_WCU) and Facebook Page (@JapanwithNanaka). I also put posters up in the McKee Building and University Center, so please check those out as well. Please feel free to visit my office (G08C, ground floor of McKee Building).

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