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Japanese Program News

Welcome to the Japanese Program here at WCU. In this blog, you will find news about our students, alumni, faculty, program, events, and more. Please enjoy!

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Newsletter Volume 9, 2021

Hello everyone, This is the WCU Japanese program newsletter, Summer 2021. It has been such a challenging year and I am sure that we have all struggled. I really hope this coming academic year will be better in many ways. Here, I am sharing five video messages in Japanese with English subtitles. They were made by the students from JPN452: Advanced Conversation – Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) prep in spring 21. They talk about themselves regarding studying Japanese language, culture, and MORE. These are their stories. For those who are thinking about starting to study Japanese, those students were there as you are now. For those who have just started Japanese, they struggled a lot as you have. For those who have been studying Japanese for a while, you are heading for the level these students are exemplifying here. They are sharing their stories with you and conveying their messages with care and enthusiasm to encourage you in your studies. I hope you enjoy them. Have a nice and restful summer and see you in fall 21. -- Ono  

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Newsletter Volume 8, 2019


Screenshot of a presentation

Japanese Architecture

Danielle Averitt presented this presentation for her Japanese Independent Study, Spring 2020, at Western Carolina University. This was intended to be done via a showcase at the University, but the pandemic caused a change in plans.  

Two students talking

Japanese Insight: Making a Choice to go Abroad

Skyler Lucas interviews Kaede Uchida, an international student from Japan, to learn about her decision to study in the US.  

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iLanguage Talk: Japanese Insight: Tattoos

Skyler Lucas interviews Kaede Uchida, an international student from Japan, to learn about her perception of people in the US, while learning about tattoos.  

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My Life in a Foreign Country

Watch Mai Mikami's presentation on her life living in a foreign country.   


Newsletter - Vol. 7, 2018

In our newsletter we meet a new transfer student, explore all the activities, courses, and contests that have happened, and meet the President of the Mt. Fuji All-Stars Club  

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Newsletter - Vol. 6, 2018


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Newsletter - Vol. 5, 2016


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