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James McLachlan

Professor James McLachlan


Philosophy and Religion Department

Phone: 828-227-3940
Office Address: Stillwell Building, Room 234


  • Ph.D., University of Toronto
  • M.A., Indiana University
  • B.A., Brigham Young University

Selected Publications

  • The Desire to be God: Freedom and the Other in Sartre and Berdyaev. New York: Peter Lang, 1992.

  • Persons, Institutions, and Trust Essays in Honor of Thomas O. Buford. Wilmington, DE: Vernon Press, 2018.

  • Discourses in Mormon Theology: Philosophical and Theological Possibilities. Salt Lake City, Utah: Greg Kofford Books, 2008.

  • Philosophical and Religious Conceptions of the Person and Their Implications for Ethical, Political, and Social Thought. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 2003.

  • “Sympathy for the Devil: On Richard Cohen’s Levinassian Meditations on Sartre and Theology” in Jack Marsh, editor Festschrift for Richard A. Cohen

  • “I, Thou, and the Neighborhood: Mister Rogers and the Philosophy of Dialogue” in Eric Mohr, ed. Mister Rogers and Philosophy (working title). Chicago: Open Court, 2019

  • “Sympathy for the Existential Devils” in Trip McCrossin, ed. Blade Runner 2049 and Philosophy (Working Title) Chicago: Open Court, 2019

  • “Budd Boetticher’s Transcendental Westerns, or Schrader, Neville, and Sartre Walk into a Saloon.” Walter Gulick and Gary Slater, eds. American Aesthetics Today: Theory and Practice. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 2019.

  • “From Mythology to Ethics: Seeking an Escape from Ontology in the Eschatologies of Berdyaev and Levinas” Eidos: A Journal for the Philosophy of Culture, Vol 1, no 3, 2018.

  • “Buford and Brightman on Trust, Suffering and the Non-Rational Given in Persons, Institutions, and Trust” in James McLachlan ed., Persons, Institutions, and Trust Essays in Honor of Thomas O. Buford. Vernon Press, 2018.

  • “Mark Twain and the Problem of Evil” in Alan Goldman and Jacob Held eds. The Philosophy of Mark Twain. New York: Rowman and Littlefield. 2017.

  • “The Il y a and the Ungrund: Levinas and the Russian Existentialists” Levinas Studies, Vol 11. Duquesne University Press, 2017.

  • “Satan: Romantic Hero or Just Another Asshole: The Desire to be God, The Devil, and the Demonic” in Robert Arp and Benjamin McGraw eds. Philosophical Approaches to the Devil. New York: Routledge, 2015.

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