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Amy McKenzie Attends NCBI Leadership Training for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Amy and Holli


Amy McKenzie, PAR's Administrative Support Associate and an Adjunct Instructor, is a co-facilitator for WCU's NCBI (National Coalition Building Institute) program.

In August 2019, she participated in the 4-day Leadership for Diversity Institute with Holli Stillman, Office of the Provost, Undergraduate Studies Office, Administrative Support Specialist.

NCBI Cohort


What is the NCBI?

Over the past 33 years NCBI has developed into an international network of associates who are trained in our highly effective NCBI principles and practices and who work cooperatively to institutionalize diversity and inclusion programs.

NCBI can empower your college campus, community organization, K-12 school, corporation, government agency or law enforcement agency to take leadership and be able to institutionalize the skills needed to welcome diversity and build an environment in which everyone wants to belong.

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