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Jack Betkowski on Studying Abroad

JBetkowski in Wales


Spill the Tea on Studying Abroad

Q: Where did you go and how long were you there?

I was at Cardiff in Wales.

Q: Did it cost a lot more than staying on campus?

It was the exact same because I was doing it with a sister school from Western. I just had to pay for travel expenses.

Q: What were classes like?

They were English classes and were once a week and two hour long. The were loosely structured, more how graduate classes would be.

Q: How long did it take to make friends there? Do you think you'll stay in touch?

I made friends in the first week but didn't care to stay in touch.

Q: Did you have "culture shock" when you got  back to the US/WCU?

Yeah, I still walk on the left side of the sidewalk still. They have escalators that work in reverse from the ones here. I still on the left because of Wales.

Q: What's your best story?

I would spending my days walking around in Cardiff. I would go to book stores and clothing stores.

Q: Do you any tips for someone planning to study abroad?

You should do it! It's really easy for the most part and go somehwere that it interests you.

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