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Vicki Szabo

Department of History
Associate Professor

Phone: 828-227-3911
Office Address: McKee Building 206C


Dr. Szabo received her Ph.D. in Medieval Studies from Cornell University. Her teaching fields include ancient Greece and Rome, Late Antiquity, medieval Europe, and environmental history. Her research interests center on the medieval North Atlantic, marine mammal exploitation, and environmental history. She published Monstrous Fishes and the Mead-Dark Sea: Whaling in the Medieval North Atlantic (Brill) in 2008, and through 2018 is directing an NSF funded project, " Assessing the Distribution and Variability of Marine Mammals through Archaeology, Ancient DNA, and History in the North Atlantic ." She also works with WCU's CH3D (Cultural Heritage in 3D) Research Lab. She is also skilled in the art of trebuchet construction .

  • History 182: “Ancient Empires”
  • History 221: “European History to 1517”
  • History 311: “Ancient Greece and Rome”
  • History 312: “ The Heroic Age: Early Medieval Europe”
  • History 313: “ The High Middle Ages”
  • History 421 / 521: “Romans, Christians, Barbarians”
  • History 621: “Environmental History”
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