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WCU English Students Present at SEACS Conference

WCU English students made a strong showing presenting at the SouthEastern Association of Cultural Studies (SEACS) Conference this spring. SEACS is "dedicated to scholarship in modern languages and literature, including linguistics, pedagogy, and cultural studies." This year's SEACS Conference was held virtually on February 26-27, and featured presentations from 10 WCU English students and 4 WCU English Faculty. Presenters and their paper titles are listed alphabetically below. Faculty presenters are marked with an *. 

Dr. Melissa Birkhofer*: "Centering Latinx Communities as US literature and culture"

Jared Combs: "Motivations of the Marginalized: Psychoanalysis applied to Toni Morrison's Sula" and "Rhetorical Analysis of Ronald Reagan's Evil Empire Speech: Aristotle's Models of Persuasion applied to the 40th President of the United States of America"

Stephanie Cook: "Speak of the Devil: Black Feminism and Subversive Religion in Zora Neale Hurston's 'Sweat'"

Dr. Beth Huber*: "Zero-Point Rhetoric: Realizing a New Rhetorical Theory Through Quantum Physics"

Jason Huber*: "Let Them 'Suck it up," Cupcake: Pedagogical Practices for Subverting the 'Real World'"

Kevin Jenson: "Are Words the Fiat Currency of Education?"

Sydney Kinter: "The Possibility of Other Worlds: When Will It End?"

Diana New*: "The World Behind the Mask: A Pedagogical Approach to Using the Comic Universe as a Rhetorical Lens for Understanding Genre and the Political Workings of Society"

Alissa Perske: "How to Run America: Eisenhower's Instructions for Future Presidents"

Sarah Rhu: "'This is Where We Are Right Now': Kairos, Ethos, and Other Modes of Persuasion in Barack Obama's 'A More Perfect Union' Speech"

Cc Schaefer: "The Exploitation of Mexicans during the mid-1900s in the United States"

Haylee Wilkie: "A Feminist Perspective of Silence and Domestic Abuse in Dorothy Allison's 'Don't Tell Me You Don't Know'"

Camille Williams: "Colors of Latinx: Anti-Blackness in Latinx Communities"

Yailyn Zuniga: "Somos Iguales: Anti-Blackness in Latinx Communities"

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