English Faculty

From award-winning poets and technical writers to novelists and scholars who publish on literature from the Middle Ages to the 21st century, members of the WCU English faculty have practiced the art of writing in both professional and academic settings. They bring a wealth of scholastic, corporate, and organizational experiences to the classroom and encourage students to think critically, communicate effectively, and make the connection between their studies and their professional aspirations.

Faculty Member Degree & Position Areas of Specialty
Brent Kinser Ph.D.; Professor; Department Head 19th-C British Lit.; Digital Humanities
Mary Adams Ph.D.; Associate Professor Biblical & 17th-C Lit; Creative Writing (Poetry); Professional Writing
Rachel Adams M.A;Lecturer Composition
Melissa Birkhofer Ph.D.; Lecturer U.S. Latina/o Lit; Multiethnic U.S. Lit
Michael Boatright Ph.D.; Assistant Professor, Director of English Education English Education
Jonathan Bradshaw Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Rhetoric & Composition
Margaret Bruder Ph.D.; Lecturer Comparative Literature; Film Studies; American Studies
Erin Callahan Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Linguistics
Catherine Carter Ph.D.; Professor English Education; Creative Writing (Poetry); American Lit
John Chrisman M.A; Lecturer English Rhetoric & Composition
Mae Claxton Ph.D.; Professor Southern Lit; Appalachian Lit; American Lit
Jessica Cory M.A.; Lecturer Composition
Emily Darnell M.A.; Lecturer Composition
Annette Debo Ph.D.; Professor Lit Theory; Modernism; African American Lit; Women's Lit
Robert Donnellan M.A.; Lecturer Rhetoric & Composition
Pam Duncan M.A.; Associate Professor, Director of Spring Literary Festival Creative Writing (Fiction)
Mimi Fenton Ph.D.; Professor Milton; Early Modern British Lit
Brian Gastle Ph.D.; Professor Medieval Literature; Business/Tech Writing
Jennifer Harris M.A.; Lecturer Composition
Elizabeth Heffelfinger Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Director of Motion Picture Studies Film Studies; Post-WWII Lit & Culture; Media & Cultural Studies
Beth Huber Ph.D.; Associate Professor Rhetorical Theory; Composition Theory; Political Rhetoric
Jason Huber M.A.; Lecturer Composition
Jeremy Jones M.F.A.; Associate Professor Creative Nonfiction
Nate Kreuter Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Director of Writing/Rhetoric/Critical Studies Rhetoric & Composition
Patti Long M.A.; Lecturer Composition
Diane Martinez Ph.D.; Assistant Professor, Director of Professional Writing Technical Writing
Shane McElrath M.A.; Lecturer Composition and Rhetoric
John McHone M.A.; Lecturer Composition
Eleanor Petrone Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Director of TESOL Program TESOL
Brian Railsback Ph.D.; Professor Steinbeck; Creative Writing (fiction); American Lit
Ron Rash M.A.; Parris Distinguished Professor in Appalachian Cultural Studies Creative Writing (Fiction & Poetry)
Brad Reisinger M.A.; Lecturer Composition
Laura Samal Ph.D.; Lecturer Composition
Sandra Saunders Ph.D.; Visiting Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies 19th-C British Lit; Liberal Studies
Andrew Virtue Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Philosophy, Rhetoric; Scientific & Technical Communication
Emily Virtue M.A.; Lecturer English Lit; Writing
Shara Whitford M.A.; Lecturer Composition
Paul Worley Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director Latin American Lit; Cultural and Subaltern Studies
Laura Wright Ph.D.; Professor Postcolonial Lit; Gender Studies
Rachel York-Bridgers Ph.D.; Lecturer Composition


Administrative Staff
Shannon Owsley Administrative Support Associate
Whitney McCall Administrative Support Associate (part time)


Emeriti Faculty
Elizabeth Addison
James Addison
Marsha Lee Baker
James E. Byer
R. Stephen Eberly
William R. Higgins
M. Marilyn Jody
Nancy Joyner
Gayle Miller
Terry Neinhuis
J. Karl Nicholas
James R. Nicholl
Newton Smith
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