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Careers in English

English student doing science writing

Alum Melissa Rogers conducting work as a science writer

Our curriculum is designed to provide a rich introduction to the different areas of English Studies while also guiding students to focus within a specific concentration. During their senior year, students complete a capstone requirement that prepares them to enter their chosen career paths.

ENGL 498: Jobs in the Changing Workplace helps prepare students through

  • Researching the various career paths for English majors
  • Shaping application materials for specific jobs and broad platforms like LinkedIn
  • Practicing networking, mock interviews, and job negotiation strategies
  • Exploring continuing professional development opportunities
  • Listening to presentations and having discussions with recent graduates
  • Developing a basic understanding of financial literacy
  • Framing career paths in relation to other lifestyle goals

In addition to the capstone requirement, students are strongly encouraged to complete an internship, which counts towards their degree requirements. Internships are highly valued by employers and provide students with a unique opportunity to continue honing their skills while gaining valuable professional experience.

To get a sense of the career paths English majors can take, some of our recent graduates are currently working at:

Proterra – a company creating and manufacturing battery technology specifically designed for commercial transit 
Thrive4Health – a nonprofit that works to help those who are facing mental health challenges which impact housing security
Red Hat Inc. – an open source software company developing software products for a range of businesses and enterprises
Hub City Press - an independent press that publishes a variety of different genres
NJASAP - a labor union that advocates for pilots who work with NetJets Aviation, Inc.
Global Logic - a company offering digital solutions and software engineering to clients around the world
Medical Science Affiliates – a professional organization that supports and prepares medical experts in legal trials

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