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Director's Message

Hello! And welcome to International Studies! We are an interdisciplinary field that offers both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor. You will take classes in a number of fields, including political science, history, communications, philosophy and religion, foreign languages, to name a few. What unites us is a passion to learn more about the world. Many of our students study abroad and all of our students take at least one foreign language. Our graduates have gone onto graduate programs and international focused careers. If you are a current student, never hesitate to reach out with any questions. If you are a prospective student, I hope you consider our program and get in touch with any questions that you have.
Dr. Charles Fagan
Director, International Studies Program
Associate Instructor of Political Science


International Studies Advisory Board

Charles Fagan

Associate Instructor

Director, International Studies

Robert Clines

Associate Professor


Kyle Harvey

Assistant Professor


Christopher Hoyt

Associate Professor

Philosophy and Religion

Yiqing Yang

Assistant Professor

Anthropology and Sociology

Will Lehman

Associate Professor

World Languages

Niall Michelsen

Associate Professor

Political Science and Public Affairs

Wes Milner


International Programs

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