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Director's Message

Welcome to the International Studies Program at Western Carolina University! Since its founding in 2010, the International Studies Program has grown to become one of the largest interdisciplinary majors in the University.  


Our renowned affiliated faculty are all distinguished in their various fields. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and go on to a myriad of graduate programs and careers. One thing our students share in common is a deep interest in the issues, events, and cultures of the world. Our program offers a Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor. From our program, students gain a firm grounding in an area of concentration and have the flexibility to permit exploration from alternative perspectives. The International Studies Program has close relationships with many departments, including Political Science and Public Affairs, History, Philosophy and Religion, World Languages, Anthropology and Sociology, English, Communication and the College of Business. In the coming years, we hope to build greater connections to careers and job opportunities by inviting  professionals working in the fields of development, diplomacy, and global security to come to campus and speak with our students. We are in the process of creating meaningful mentoring relationships with our alumni serving in different capacities in the United States and abroad.

We hope to create a clear path for our students to transition from their academic studies to a tangible successful career. If you are a major or minor International Studies student, we hope you continue your successful journey with us.  If you are a prospective student, we hope you look closely at our program and what we offer.

With my best wishes,

Ingrid Bego
Director, International Studies Program
Associate Professor of Political Science & International Studies

International Studies Advisory Board

Ingrid Bego

Associate Professor

Director, International Studies

Robert Clines

Associate Professor


Christopher Hoyt

Associate Professor

Philosophy and Religion

Yiqing Yang

Assistant Professor

Anthropology and Sociology

Will Lehman

Associate Professor

World Languages

Niall Michelsen

Associate Professor

Political Science and Public Affairs

Katerina Spasovska

Associate Professor


Wes Milner


International Programs

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