RN to BSN Transcript Evaluation

Several prerequisites are required to be eligible for admission to the RN to BSN program. To determine admission eligibility, it is highly recommended that students have their transcripts reviewed by the RN to BSN Student Services Advisor to prior to applying. This is a free unofficial evaluation for those interested in this program.

To have your transcripts reviewed

  • Complete, print, sign, and date the RN to BSN Program-Unofficial Evaluation of Transcripts- Request Form.
  • Obtain a transcript from all previously attended community colleges and/or universities. They do not have to be official.
    • All transcripts, forms, etc. should be emailed as attachments. Do not place within the body of the email.
    • Submit any CLEP/ DANTES/ AP/ Etc. exam scores along with transcripts.
  • Once you have completed the evaluation form, please email (preferred) your completed form along with all transcripts to:
    • The RN to BSN Student Services Office (wcunursing@wcu.edu),
      • with the email title: Name - RN to BSN Evaluation Request,
    • Or mail all the information to: RN to BSN Student Services, WCU School of Nursing, 28 Schenck Pkwy, Ste 309, Asheville, NC 28803.

Please note that results will be sent to your home email address within approximately two to three weeks, but allow additional time during peak periods.

Tips and faqs for your evaluation

    • Your name should be on all paperwork.
    • Do not use a work or student email address.
      • Use a current home/personal email as that is how we will respond to you.
    • Remember to send each transcript from all college-level work.
      • This includes transcripts for any prior WCU courses.
    • Do not mark up transcripts as it makes them harder to interpret.
    • We cannot use what other colleges used as transfer courses, so we must have each individual transcript for the evaluation process.
    • The School of Nursing requires the most up-to-date transcripts in order to check all items (you may need to request new copies).
    • Your transcripts should include a clearly visible college name, all classes with grades/hours, GPA and any degrees earned.
    • Official transcripts are not necessary (they are preferred) for the evaluation request, but copies of transcripts need to be readable and complete.
    • If a college has a different name that what is on the transcript please note that on your evaluation request.
    • High School transcripts are very rarely needed.
    • Evaluation requests cannot be completed until all transcripts are received.
    • Transcripts received by the School of Nursing are not forwarded to other departments.
    • If you apply to the university you will have to send additional official transcripts to Admissions.
    • Do not fax forms or transcripts.

Where to complete prerequistes

foreign transcripts

  • For an evaluation you would include any international evaluations from an approved institution (such as WES) along with your evaluation request.
  • The international evaluation does not have to be official for the RN to BSN unofficial evaluation. It will be forwarded to the Registrar's Office to see what might transfer into WCU.
  • If you apply to WCU you would have to have an official international evaluation from an approved institution sent to the Admissions Office.
  • Students who are requesting credit for work completed at a foreign institution must provide WCU with a credential evaluation to facilitate the evaluation of transfer credit.
    • From the Registrar’s page, Credits Earned Elsewhere - Foreign Colleges & Universities: Credit recommendations for college coursework from foreign colleges and universities must be evaluated by an approved agency for foreign transcripts displaying a satisfactory academic record.
  • You may be required to take undergraduate courses to build competency in your field. For students making application at the undergraduate level, the Office of Admission recommends that work taken at postsecondary institutions be submitted to the World Education Services for evaluation.

An Evaluation is not the same as an application

  • The evaluation is not an application but rather a tool to let you know when you may want to apply.
  • Once you have received your unofficial evaluation back from Student Services, you may use it to help complete the application process.
  • This is a free unofficial evaluation for those interested in the RN to BSN program.
  • Application information may be found on the Application page.
  • Acceptance into the RN to BSN program is based upon the School of Nursing's Office of Student Services unofficially evaluating all transfer coursework. Student Services will complete transcript evaluations and process program applications for admission. However, the School of Nursing does not have the final decision on how Liberal Studies courses will be transferred for students upon acceptance into the RN to BSN Program.

 If you have any questions about transcript evaluations, please contact Student Services.

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