RN to BSN Admission Requirements

admissions requirements

There are a variety of ways that the admissions requirements are met based on your prior educational history. A transcript evaluation request will help determine the best path for you to complete any prerequiste requirements.

Completion of:

  • all the WCU Liberal Studies and School of Nursing Prerequisite requirements ,
    • For students that began a nursing program anywhere before Fall semester 2015, or who complete several classes before beginning their AAS program after fall 2015.
      • Contact your ADN nursing college about what other courses they require for you to receive your AAS–Nursing degree if not already received
    • The liberal studies portion of the prerequisite requirements may be waived by an A.A. or A.S. degree in addition to the A.A.S. in nursing degree.


    • all the courses in the AAS and RN to BSN AA - 5 Block Plan through an N.C. Community College nursing program
      • For students who enter a N.C. Community College nursing program on or after Fall Semester, 2015,
      • AND will earn the RN to BSN AA degree in addition to their AAS-Nursing degree through a N.C. Community College.


    • Completion of the University Application (Step 2) along with the Program Application (Step 3).

Complete a Transcript Evaluation Request to receive more information regarding prerequisite requirements.

Transcript Evaluation Request

To determine admission eligibility, students can have their transcripts reviewed by the RN to BSN Student Services Specialist prior to applying. This is recommended for anyone interested in the program:

  • Fully Complete and submit the Transcript Evaluation Request.
  • An evaluation request is separate from the program application.
  • If submitting an evaluation in the month leading up to an application deadline, you may not have your evaluation back in time to use it while filling out the program application.

Program and University Applications

  • Applications must be hand-delivered or post-marked by the application deadline.
  • Application deadline for Fall (August) is March 10.
  • Application deadline for Spring (January) is September 10.
  • Click here to begin the RN to BSN Application process.
  • Requirements may be in progress at the time of application, but all prerequisite courses, including the non-nursing hours requirement, must be completed before starting in the RN to BSN program.

Acceptance into the RN to BSN program

  • Acceptance into the RN to BSN program is based upon the School of Nursing's Office of Student Services unofficially evaluating all transfer coursework.
  • Student Services will complete unofficial transcript evaluations and process applications for admission, however, the School of Nursing does not have the final decision on how Liberal Studies courses will be transferred for students upon acceptance into the RN to BSN Program.
  • Students must be accepted by Western Carolina University as well as the School of Nursing.

Articulation Agreements

Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA)

Uniform Articulation Agreement (RN to BSN)

  • If you have an Associate of Arts or an Associate Science from a N.C. community college or a Bachelor’s degree from a UNC state university, the Liberal Studies requirement is waived.
  • An Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS) or Associate of General Education (AGE) does not waive this requirement.
  • Courses and degrees which do not originate at a North Carolina state institution will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis.
  • You may have to take additional courses to receive your ADN through a N.C. CC even though a prerequisite requirement may already be met with WCU (e.g. you have already had a math course that WCU accepts, but the N.C. CC says you must take a different specific nursing course for your A.A.S.).

If you have questions about the RN to BSN Program please contact Student Services at WCUnursing@wcu.edu.

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