Sharon Metcalfe

Sharon Metcalfe


Sharon Metcalfe, Ed.D, RN
Interim Director, School of Nursing

Dr. Metcalfe is a registered professional nurse (RN) and holds a Master of Science (MSN) in Nursing Administration from the University of Colorado (Denver) and a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) in Adult and Community College Education from North Carolina State University (Raleigh). Dr. Metcalfe was promoted to Interim Director of the Western Carolina University School of Nursing in June, 2016. Dr. Metcalfe has extensive experience in academic and clinical administration, having served as Dean of Nursing for both a private college (Lees-McRae College) and community college (Mayland Community College). She has additional extensive hospital and clinical leadership experience as having served as Director of Pediatrics (Denver, Colorado Children's Hospital), Director of Neonatal Services at Rose Medical Center (Denver, Colorado), and Nursing Administrator of Pediatrics, Critical Care, Intensive Care, and Neonatal Intensive Care at Wake Forest Medical Center-Baptist Hospital (Winston-Salem, North Carolina). Throughout these years of service, Dr. Metcalfe has acquired leadership development through these previous experiences, and has additional expertise in clinical and didactic teaching with baccalaureate and graduate students, extensive research and scholarship, and a published nursing author of extensive scholarly works that have included articles and book chapters on international leadership and mentoring. Dr. Metcalfe is academically and experientially qualified to accomplish the mission, goals, and expected program outcomes for the School of Nursing at Western Carolina University.

Dr. Metcalfe joined the nursing faculty in August of 2005 and has taught undergraduate and graduate students with scholarly research. Dr. Metcalfe is a tenured Associate Professor of Western Carolina University School of Nursing. She is additionally a Visiting Professor at Edinburgh Napier University School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Social Care in Edinburgh, Scotland. Dr. Metcalfe has served in this role for the past eleven years and has conducted an annual Perspectives of International Leadership practicum overseas for both undergraduates and graduates to learn about socialized health care and the differences and similarities of nursing roles in both the United Kingdom and the United States. She has conducted this leadership practicum at other universities in the United Kingdom which have included the University of Edinburgh (Scotland), the University of York (England) and the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing (London, England).

Dr. Metcalfe has served as the Program Director for the HRSA Nursing Workforce Diversity Program which is a one million dollar federal grant. This diversity program has led to significant increases in the number of students underrepresented in the School of Nursing. This program has been based on national standards of inclusion of specially prepared academic mentors for the students, as well as scholarships, stipends, and tutors for classes and subjects that are needed by the students. Through this important work, Dr. Metcalfe has published three significant articles on mentoring, social determinants and educational barriers for diverse students, and the nature of cultural competency.

Dr. Metcalfe is the official representative for the School of Nursing within the College of Health and Human Sciences and is vested with the same authority as other department heads at WCU. She participates in the Dean's Executive Council in the CHHS, the Collegial Review Committee for CHHS, the University Collegial Review Committee, the Faculty Grievance Committee and numerous other college and School of Nursing committees. The University supports her in her role as SON Director to accomplish the mission, goals, and expected student and faculty outcomes. She holds appropriate authority for faculty and staff hiring, resource and fiscal management, development priorities, community outreach, and SON commitment to university initiatives. Dr. Metcalfe meets with the SON Executive Council regularly (composed of program directors) to discuss programmatic needs and overall strategic spending needs. She prepares the annual SON budget in the fall with other Directors within the CHHS. Dr. Metcalfe serves on the Board of Directors for the Mountain Area Health Education Minority and Underrepresented Students council. Additionally, she serves on the Board of Directors for the Social Services division of Asheville, North Carolina. She is a certified Parent Child Interventionist and conducts seminars for foster parents that struggle with difficult children during the fall of each year.

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