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Chad Hallyburton

chad hallyburton faculty photo


Name: Chad Hallyburton
Department: Health Sciences
Program: Environmental Health Sciences
Rank: Assistant Professor
Work Phone: 828-227-2146
Work Email:
Office address: HHSB 418

Masters, Biology, Western Carolina University, 1997
Bachelors, Biology, Nutrition Concentration, North Carolina State University, 1991

Experience: I have taught at the college level for 15 years.

Area of Expertise: Microbiology, Infectious Disease

Primary Teaching Responsibilities: 
ENVH 260: Etiology of Infectious Disease
ENVH 261: Etiology of Infectious Disease Laboratory
ENVH 200: Introduction to Public Health
ENVH 210: Global Disparities in Public Health

Service Interest: I currently serve on the Campus Theme Steering Committee and School of Health Sciences Strategic Plan Task Force


I have a wide range of teaching experience in science museums, as well as in academic settings at the high school, community college, and university levels, where I have taught Biology, Microbiology, Environmental Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, as well as other course.  I have been an instructor at Western Carolina University in the School of Health Sciences since 2011 and became an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Health Sciences Program in 2018.

 Although I am trained as an Ichthyologist, my employment background in commercial microbiology labs led me towards teaching microbiology at the community college and university levels.  My interest in this area has steadily grown, and  I currently focus on courses in infectious disease for pre-Nursing and Environmental Health majors.

 Through the course of my teaching I have become increasingly interested in the ways that societal and psychological factors such as mass media exposure and behaviors related to the perceived risks and benefits of medical interventions influence individual health behaviors including vaccine compliance and antibiotic use.  Students in my courses must move beyond simple memorization of material to analyze complex issues and solve problems applicable to their personal and professional lives.

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