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Brook Alemu

Brook Alemu Photo


Name:  Brook T. Alemu, Ph.D., MPH
Department:  Health Sciences
Program:  Integrated Health Sciences
Rank:  Assistant Professor
Work Phone:  828-227-2647
Office address:  HHSB 110

Old Dominion University, Ph.D. in Health Services Research (Statistics), 2017
Eastern Virginia Medical School, MPH in Epidemiology, 2014
Addis Ababa University, BA in Economics, 2007

Dr. Alemu is a trained health services researcher and epidemiologist who has a demonstrated commitment to improving public health outcomes through the use of sound policies derived from evidence-based social, behavioral, and biomedical research. As a public health researcher, Dr. Alemu is engaged in problem identification and solving using rigorous methodological rationale to analyze data, draw conclusions, and communicate results. His research interest lies in maternal and child health, diabetes, opioid use disorder among vulnerable populations in underserved communities. Dr. Alemu understands that the immense disease burdens in these communities are embedded in a broader context of individual and environmental risk factors. His cross-cultural work experience and interdisciplinary educational background have made him realize the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and collegiality.

Licenses & Specialty Credentialing:
Certified in Public Health (CPH), National Board of Public Health Examiners
Graduate Certificate in Global Health, Old Dominion University
Certified IRB Professional (CIP), Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research

Area of Expertise: Big data analysis, diabetes, opioid use disorder, HIV/AIDS, and maternal and child health.

Primary Teaching Responsibilities:
ENVH 470: Principles of Epidemiology
HSCC 330: Legal and Legislative Aspect of Healthcare
HSCC 311: Systems and Trends in Health Care
HSCC 470: Research Methods and Analysis in Health Sciences

Scholarly Interests:
Although Dr. Alemu’s research mainly uses large national and state level datasets to addressing some of the most pressing public health issues, he is also interested in developing prospective studies that are relevant and impactful to vulnerable populations and underserved communities.

Selected Publications:

  • Olayinka, O., Olayinka, O., Alemu, B. T., Akpinar-Elci, M., Grossberg, G., Toxic Environmental Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s disease: A Systematic Review (2019). Aging Medicine and Healthcare, 10(1):4-17
  • Alemu, B. T. & Martin, B. (2018). Predictors of Inpatient Hospital Cost and Length of Stay Associated with Childhood Obesity: Analysis of Data from the 2012 KID’s Inpatient Database. The Journal of Health Care Finance, 45 (2).
  • Alemu, B. T., Cramer, R. J., Carlisle, K. L., & Akpinar-Elci, M. (2017). A Theoretical Analysis of Health Beliefs of Physical Activity Among Women with Previous Gestational Diabetes—A Commentary. American Journal of Health Education, 48(6), 351-354.
  • Alemu, B. T., Olayinka, O., Baydoun, H. A., Hoch, M., & Elci, M. A. (2016). Neonatal hypoglycemia in diabetic mothers: A systematic review. Current Pediatric Research, 21(1), 42-53.
  •  Alemu, B. T., Troy, S. B., Beydoun, H. A., Akpinar-Elci, M., & Cunningham, T. D. (2016). Determinants of Elevated Alkaline Phosphatase in Patients Infected with HIV. Southern medical journal, 109(8), 487.
  • Summers, P., Alemu, B. T., & Quidgley-Nevares, A. (2014). History of drug use predicts opioid treatment agreement violation. Journal of opioid management, 11(6), 501-506.
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