Question 3 - Plagiarism Self Test: Print Version


Source Material Used:

Several features are common to the genetic structure of most organisms. First is the double-stranded DNA. Each strand of this molecule is a series of nucleotides, and each nucleotide is composed of a sugar–phosphate compound attached to one of four nitrogen-containing bases. The sugar–phosphate compounds link together to form the backbone of the strand.


"Cell." Encyclopaedia Britannica. 2005. Encyclopaedia Britannica Premium Service. Web. 8 Jan. 2005.

Example Usage:

Most organisms' genetic structure consists of double-stranded DNA.

Is this plagiarism?

 Yes, uses writer's exact words without appropriate credit.
 Yes, rewords writer's original language without appropriate credit.
 Yes, uses writer's ideas, point of view, or argument without appropriate credit.
 Yes, uses information, percentages, or illustrations that are not common knowledge, without appropriate credit.


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