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Weather-Related Announcement


Due to forecasted hazardous road conditions, day and evening classes in Cullowhee are suspended after 2 p.m., Biltmore Park instructional site after 1 p.m.
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The Plagiarism Self Test

Here is a short self-help quiz to help students learn how to recognize different forms of sentence-level plagiarism.


Have your students print out and sign the Plagiarism Certificate (PDF) available at the end of the test.





Note: Occasionally, some Mac browsers may fail to upload the Plagiarism Certificate. If you get an error message at the end of this quiz and you cannot print out the Plagiarism Certificate, we suggest you simply print out the error message itself and give it to your instructor. (Instructors, please note that a student cannot get to this error message without successfully completing the entire Plagiarism Quiz.)

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