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Make the most of your sophomore year and get involved!
Date & Time - August 30th, 2018 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Location - Blue Ridge Conference Room

  • Encourage participation in Western Carolina University Organizations and offices. 
  • Develop rapport with peers and faculty.
  • Enhance social and personal connections through campus-wide events.
  • Engage in and celebrate Western Carolina University.

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Explore different cultures and lifestyles of fellow peers and faculty of your University. Inclusive values of social justice and human dignity prepare you to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world.



Service Learning

Work with the Center for Service Learning team to find a service unique to your talents and your passions. Connect with your community in an inspiring way that leads to lives being changed.

Career and professional development

Aspire to be the individual you want to be after your college career. Meet with professional advisors and peer mentors to find the career path for you. Develop relationships with employees in advance to set you up for your future.

Financial Literacy

Attend financial literacy events and learn from financial advisors to assist you in managing your money. Learn many things about financial aid, negotiating salaries, or living off campus.

Contact Kelsey Woodford for more details.

Choose Success

Advising Center
Seek guidance from professional advisors for your degree. Understand what you can do with your major before you graduate.
Writing & Learning Commons
Succeed in your classes with assistance from tutors and writing fellows. Earn better grades by using the resources available to you.
Math Tutoring Center
Succeed in your classes with assistance from math tutors. Earn better grades by using the resources available to you.

Office of Web Services