SophoMORE Street

Student academic showcase


Walk the walk with high impact. Make the most of your sophomore year and get involved!


  • Encourage participation in research, creative projects, service, and community-based learning, internships, and departmental opportunities.
  • Student excellence thrives in the presence of peers. 
  • Develop collaborative opportunities with peers and with faculty to maximize your high-impact.
  • Enhance social and personal connections through campus-wide partnerships.

 High Impact Pathways Roadmap

Here are a few suggested enrichment opportunities that will not only make a high impact on your education, but will also provide the foundation for your scholarship or presentation or poster for the showcase!

Workshops and Events

The Journey continues...Join us throughout the year to get the most out of your sophomore experience! 

Learning Community

  • Students enroll in 2 or more courses that are connected thematically during the fall of their sophomore year as a learning cohort.
  • Learning communities provide a Common Intellectual Experience, and opportunities for Collaborative Assignments and Projects.

Collaborative Assignments and Projects

  • Collaborate with your peers to undergraduate research or other creative scholarship and projects.
  • Submit your projects to NCUR or other conference opportunities on campus and beyond.

WCU Away (Diversity & Global Learning)

  • Seek opportunities for a study abroad experience during the summer between your sophomore and junior years.
  • Learn more from International Programs and Services.


  • Work with the Career & Professional Development Center for pre-internship prep.
  • Communicate with your academic department if internships are part of the program.

Service Learning and Community-Based Learning

  • Work with the Center for Service Learning to develop meaningful service learning connections.
  • Connect community engagement opportunities with your Internship and Research elements.;

Undergraduate Research

  • Seek opportunities to work with faculty on research projects to help move from sophomore to junior level work.
  • Develop a research project based on something that sparks your passion and your curiousity.

Writing Intensive Course

  • Enroll in courses that encourage intensive writing to build communication skills and creative potential.
  • Write a short story or poem or essay or research paper.

Peer Academic Leadership

  • Connect with student organizations related to your field of study, career interests, and personal interests.
  • Utilize the services or peer leaders in support offices such as tutors and peer career mentors.
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