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One Book


One Book 2020


2020-2021 Selection:

The Big Thirst: The secret life and Turbulent Future of Water

Selected by a university-wide committee to be complimentary with the Campus Theme: Water, both the One Book program and Campus Theme provide a common intellectual experience defined by AAC&U as one of ten high impact practices

Ideas are invited from the university community to support inclusion in the first-year curriculum, as well as for events and programming. Please contact the Office of Student Transitions if you wish to get involved and join the conversation early! One Book programs are designed to meet the requirements for Degree Plus


This book is about understanding the importance of water, not only worldwide but also the water in our communities that effects our lives every day.

"From the moons of Saturn to the hotels of Las Vegas - Fishman vividly show that we've already left behind a golden age of thoughtlessly abundant, free, and safe water, but also that as dramatic as the challenges are, we have all the means to meet them."---book jacket excerpt

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