Advocate Award

What is an advocate?

Definition for WCU Students:

An advocate is someone who you know has your best interest in mind - someone who cares deeply about your success in and out of the classroom, someone you can count on to give you sound advice and someone you know will be in your corner.

We feel fortunate at WCU to have many different people that we believe fit this description! With their thoughtful nominations, our students help us recognize some of these wonderful advocates each year.

First Year and Transfer students are invited to nominate someone. 

Advocate Award Finalists for 2017-2018


Cameron Duke, Biology
Channa De Sylva, Chemistry & Physics
Dave Evanoff, Chemistry & Physics
Yee Kao, Chemistry & Physics
Cindy Wray, Communication
Jerry Denton, Engineering
Robert Donnellan, English
Erin Callahan, English
Rachel Adams, English
Mae Claxton, English
Emily Virtue, English
Kimberly Hall, Environmental Health
Robert Clines, History
Jill Granger, Honors College
Dan Atterholt, Mathematics and Computer Science
Zsolt Szabo, Music
Niall Michelsen, Political Science
David Scales, Psychology
Chris Boan-Lenzo, Sociology
Jayme McGhan, Stage & Screen
Pamela Buskey, Teaching & Learning


Miffy Henley, Athletics Advancement
Linda, Dining Hall
Leslie Cavin, Leadership & Student Involvement
Sibley Bryan, Mathematics Tutoring Center
Maeve Kirby, Residential Living
Jill VanOrder, Suite 201
Jenny Stewart, Suite 201



Faculty and Staff Advocate Award Hall of Fame

Will Shivers Staff, Advising 2010-11
Burt Ogle Faculty, Environmental Science 2011-12
Brian Boyer Staff, Residential Living 2011-12
Rebecca Lasher Faculty, Social Work 2012-13
Lane Perry Staff, Service Learning 2012-13
Windy Gordon Faculty, Psychology 2013-14
Sarah Carter Staff, Intercultural Affairs 2013-14
David Starnes Faculty, Music 2014-15
Tacquice Davis Staff, Intercultural Affairs 2014-15
Tara Peterson Faculty, Athletic Training 2015-16
Veratta Pegram-Floyd Staff, Residential Living 2015-16
Alesia Jennings Faculty, Chemistry & Physics 2016-17
Ken Pfaff Staff, Advising 2016-17

View all FYE Advocate Nominees for 2016-2017

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