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Resources for Faculty

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The Office of Student Transitions is proud to support the work of the faculty and instructors who inspire student success every day. We are honored to have many wise voices contribute to our mission and vision to help students thrive in transition! We are also eager to be a resource, directly, via networking, and through strategic partnerships.  Education is a team sport.

Academic Resources for Teaching

  • FYE Course Template and Modules on Canvas: 

    If you teach a first-year transition course, you already have access to review the course canvas template and content modules included. You may request to have the template loaded to your transition course section, and then edit and customize as preferred. This resource has been designed by the professionals of the Coulter Faculty Commons, along with the resource experts for each of the content areas. Take advantage of these resources so that you can spend your time on what makes teaching a transition course rewarding for you --- time making meaningful connections with new students!

  • First-year Seminar Faculty Resource Guide 

    This guide booklet will provide you with an overview of course goals, content, policies that are unique to the first-year seminar in Liberal Studies.

  • WaLC Faculty Toolbox

    The Writing & Learning Commons offers a ton of help for faculty, as well as for students. This is guaranteed to become one of your favorite ‘go to’ resource sites!

  • Career & Professional Development Faculty Resources 

    The Center for Career and Professional Development offers many services for Faculty and Staff partners.  Let them help you help your students!

  • Coulter Faculty Commons for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

    The Coulter Faculty Commons serves full and part-time faculty in all areas of teaching & learning and seeks to provide one-stop service for faculty.

One Book: We Need to Talk

  • Resource Guide

    The Resource Guide developed by Hunter Library is a tremendous resource for those who plan to integrate the book into courses or conversation!

  • We Need to Talk :

    Sponsored programs and events have been created to help you enage your students with the book and themes.

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