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WCU Admission Checklist

Step 1: Accept your admissions offer on MyWCU

  • Refer to the Admitted Students site and follow the step-by-step instructions (if you have not done so already). You will log in to your MyWCU account, the same account you used to apply to continue this process. Log onto MyWCU using your 9-2 number (student ID number) which you will find in your acknowledgment letter.

Step 2: Submit your nonrefundable Enrollment Fee of $300

  • Students who begin their enrollment in the summer terms are required to submit the Enrollment Fee of $300 for summer and must submit the Residence Hall Agreement to reside in University housing.
  • Submission of the $300 Enrollment Feel will (1) reserve a space in the summer and (2) permit the university to register the student for summer and fall semester classes. The sooner an Enrollment Fee is paid, the quicker students will be assigned their classes and housing. A Fall Enrollment Fee will NOT be required.
  • Deposits should be made online by credit card or submitted to Student Services or the Student Accounts Office as soon after admission as possible in order to reserve a space and to have greater priority in the pre-registration and placement processes. Any required deposits should be submitted no later than May 1 for summer.

Step 3: Apply for financial aid (FAFSA opens up October 1st!)

Step 4: Accept financial aid offers

  • This is done on MyWCU > My Financial Aid Status box > View all financial aid information > Award Offer
  • Go to MyWCU

Step 5: Request/send official transcripts of final records

  • Request/send official transcripts of final records

    of all high school or college work as well as any credit-bearing examination results (i.e., AP, IB, or CLEP subject examination results)
  • Please send records to:

Western Carolina University
Office of Undergraduate Admission
1 University Drive
Cullowhee, NC 28723

Step 6: Register for Orientation and pay orientation fee

!! Students will NOT be allowed to access Orientation until the $50 Online Orientation fee has been received.

Step 7: Submit CatCard photo

  • More Information
  • CatCards are IMPORTANT. They give you access to the residence hall, dining hall, and printers. Don’t forget to get this done.

Step 8: Submit residence hall agreement

  • Can be accessed through MyWCU
  • Other items that are in the Residential Living Portal are:
    • Room Assignment
    • Room layout
    • Residence hall agreement
    • Request Room changes

Step 9: Choose your residence hall and meal plan for the Fall semester

  • Because room and roommate assignments may differ in the summer and fall, summer participants are required to complete and submit housing contracts for both the summer and fall sessions (two separate forms) if they plan or are required to live on campus for both terms.
  • There is only one meal plan choice for the ASP and Gap summer program
  • Room and meal plan selection for the Fall semester can be accessed through MyWCU
  • More information on residence halls
  • More information on meal plans
  • Questions on roommates and roommate choices? Call Residential Living at 828 227-7303

Step 10: Submit Immunization Record form

Step 11: Enroll in or waive student health insurance

Step 12: Complete Pre-Registration

  • Pre-Registration becomes active for summer and fall students at the beginning of April.
  • As a freshman, your Academic Advisor will pick your classes for the first semester only. The pre-registration helps to inform the advisor of your subject and class interests.
  • Complete Pre-Registration

Step 13: Purchase a computer

Step 14: Register your vehicle (if you are bringing one)

Step 15: Pay your tuition on MyWCU

Step 16: Complete your release of information form on MyWCU

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