2016 Learning Communities

Learning Communities



The Mountains Speak

This Learning Community will focus on the history, cultural heritage, music, and writing of Southern Appalachia. Students will connect with the local community and will learn about social issues and how people view Southern Appalachia in the past and today. Courses include: Introduction to Appalachia Studies; History of Country Music; Writing, Rhetoric and Place; Writing and Critical Inquiry.

Outdoor Adventure

This Learning Community combines three disciplines and two travel opportunities to expose students to outdoor adventure activities (kayaking, rock climbing, caving, and more) both in the region and in the western United States. Students who intend to major in Parks and Recreation Management or any student who loves the outdoors would particularly enjoy this community. Courses include: Introduction to Outdoor Pursuits; Psychology of Adventure; The University Experience; Health & Wellness.

Taking Care of Business

This Honors Learning Community is ideal for students intending to major in business. Courses will show students how the world of business, economics, and law are related. Students will engage in "virtual business courts", Visit a Federal Reserve Bank, and attend the Free Enterprise Speaker Series. Courses include: Ethics of Capitalism; Macroeconomics; Introduction to Law; and The University Experience.

The Ripple Effect

This Learning Community aims to provide educational experiences that will prepare students to identify what they truly love about the world and be the change they want to see in it. By examining historical and current cases and theories of change, movements, and transformation, Ripple effect will prove that information, converted into action, followed by structured reflection, can lead to a ripple effect ultimately bringing about social change. Courses include: Social Entrepreneurship; The University Experience; Introduction to Business; Ripples of Justice. Students will arrive to campus prior to freshman move in and participate in an off-campus retreat. Cost of the retreat is $100. Scholarships and waivers are available based on circumstances. LEARN MORE.

Virus Hunters

This Learning Community will engage students interested in a pre-health concentration, biomedical sciences degree, or a degree that combines chemistry and biology in undergraduate research and hands on opportunities. Students will spend a night camping in the Smoky Mountain National Park, collect samples, and use a variety of techniques to analyze their findings. courses will focus on the chemistry and biology of virtual infectious diseases. Courses include: Principles of Biology I; Biological Basis of Disease; Phage Hunters; General Chemistry I.

Eat, Pray, Love, London

This Learning Community will prepare students to work with and improve care for diverse patients/clients to those intended to work in a healthcare setting. Students will explore social, political, and economical issues that affect our society. The focus of the courses will include mental health, physical health, access to health care, poverty, and healthy living for children, adults, and the elderly. The learning community experience will culminate with an opportunity to travel to Great Britain to explore global health care issues. Courses include Social Issues, Policies, and Programs. The University Experience; Writing and Rhetoric; Health and Wellness.

Whee Teach

This Living-Learning Community is intended for students who desire to become educators. Courses and student organization participation will give future teachers the opportunity to volunteer in schools and participate in educational service learning. Students will also live together in the residence hall where activities will continue to enrich their academic experiences. Courses include: First Year Seminar; The University Experience; Writing and Rhetoric or Introduction to Communication. LEARN MORE.

Inside the Huddle

This Learning community is ideal for Criminal Justice, Communications, or Sports Management majors. Students will explore sports through many different lenses than they have experienced in the past. By taking a critical look through writing, criminal justice, and communication, students will have a better understanding of the cultural importance sports and athletes play in society. Courses include: Writing and Critical Inquiring; Theories of Crime; Users Guide to Mass Media; Crime, Delinquency, and Sport.

Paved Paradise: Exploring Sustainability

The World is full of examples of creative solutions to complicated environmental and social problems. This Honors Learning Community will examine many of these problems - water pollution, climate change, resource scarcity, poverty, among others - in order to begin thinking about solutions. Students will consider these problems through literature and science and language, ultimately traveling during Spring Break to the Dominican Republic to explore the 100% Sustainable Puntacana Resort. Courses include: Writing and Critical Inquiry; Literature of Place; Experiencing Spanish and the Spanish-Speaking World; Oceanography.

Science: Engagement and Communication

In an age where digital media is making science increasingly accessible, this Learning Community will expose students to the depth and breadth of biological science in the context of human biology, cultural adaptation, and scientific writing. The Learning Community culminates in a five-week excavation of a medieval Roman Church cemetery in Romania where students will put into practice their knowledge of biology, humanity, culture, and scientific communication. Courses include: Studies in Technical and Professional Writing; Evolutionary Biology; Bioarchaeology; Bioarcheological Investigations.

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