Learning Communities

Learning Communities


Learn Together

Enhancing learning, fostering connections, and integrating academic experiences 

By placing students and instructors within in a selection of intentionally grouped courses based on similar and shared interests, Learning Communities foster integrated learning environments that can provide significant impact on learning outcomes. 

Students establish a strong support network, develop friendships, and experience learning as a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. Participants are encouraged to discover and appreciate relationships of disciplines and knowledge, as they develop a strong sense of place within the larger university community. Learning Communities implement the Student Sense of Place and Integration of Knowledge Fundamental Principles.


  • Encourage integrated and interdisciplinary teaching and learning designs, allowing connections through a holistic approach.
  • Offer a framework through which to participate in service learning, civic engagement, and co-curricular opportunities.
  • Empower a successful transition into college life by creating strong connections to the new college environment.

Learning Communities 2019

Students will be able to select Learning Communities beginning in April via myWCU for Fall 2019. 

Spaces are limited and based on availability.


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