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Appeal of Academic Suspension or Dismissal

Your online appeal form and all supporting documentation MUST be received by the published deadline to guarantee its consideration by the Academic Appeals Review Board. Deadlines will be published by the end of the academic term.

How to submit your appeal:

  1. Complete the online Appeals form: Answer all questions within the appeal form. Personal statements attached as documentation will not be considered. Students who expect to be suspended after the current semester can prepare their responses ahead of time. The appeals form asks at least two questions:
    • What led to your academic difficulties?
    • What is your plan to rectify your academic challenges?
  2. Attach documentation to the form: All appeals must include documentation to support all statements you make about reasons for your appeal or extenuating circumstances. If you make a statement on your appeal, also provide supporting documentation for that statement. If in doubt, provide more documentation.
    • Examples of documentation to support statements in your written appeal: 
      1. Letter from physician/medical provider/mental health provider or copy of official medical diagnosis, including treatment and dates that you were ill or hospitalized, documenting your ability to return to school
      2. Documentation supporting personal or family emergency
      3. Legal documentation, police reports, insurance reports, etc.
      4. Recommendation letters from your professors, counselors, advisors, or professional reference 
      5. Changes in employment or unexpected financial difficulty
      6. Employment termination notice or documentation demonstrating a significant change in financial status
      7. Copy of death certificate or obituary
      8. Other documentation to support the written statements on your appeal. This is not a comprehensive list of possible documentation.
  3. Sign and submit your form: Submit the form by the published deadline. Save a copy of your appeal submission for your records. 

Appeal Decisions:

The Academic Appeals Review Board will meet to review appeals shortly after the published deadline. The Board will notify students of the decision by Catamount email. Results of an appeal cannot be given to anyone but the student who submitted the appeal. The decision of the Appeals Review Board is final.

If you have any questions about the appeals process above, please contact the Office of Student Retention. Email or call 828-227-7171 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm).

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