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Equipment Checkout

The Technology Commons has equipment for students, faculty, and staff to checkout including cameras, voice recorders, and laptops. Equipment is checked out, reserved, and/or returned at the Technology Commons desk, located on the ground floor of Hunter Library. To reserve euipment online, go to Those utilizing this service are responsible for the care and timely return of any equipment (standard checkout lengths listed below). 

Equipment Available to Students, Faculty and Staff

360 Camera
Collab Rooms 1, 2, & 3 (Seats 4 - 8 with 47" display and whiteboard available)
Classroom (Seats 10 - 15 with 47" display, doc cam, and standard classroom setup)
Conference Callers
Conference Callers w/ Extension
Digital Cameras
DSLR Cameras 
External Hard Drives
HD Cameras 
Laptops - Apple & Dell
Mac Chargers (Non-Retina, Retina, & USB-C)
Memory Card Readers

Phone Chargers
Projector Screens
SD Cards
Selfie Stick
Specialized Media Stations
USB Microphone
USB Wired Keyboards and Mice
USB-C Adapters
Thunderbolt to Ethernet Adapters
Universal PC Chargers
Voice Recorders



Clients can reserve equipment online at Items can be picked up in the Technology Commons at the selected times.

2 hours = Practice Rooms; Classrooms
4 hours = Headphones
48 hours = Student Laptops and Chargers
1 week = Most other items (including iPads)

Equipment is available to be checked out by any Student, Faculty, or Staff member in good standing with the University and without unpaid equipment checkout fines. 
Each item has a predefined length of time that it can be checked out for. The exact length of each item to be checked out will be stated to the client at the time of checkout. The checkout duration for standard items are as follows:

Click here to view the full equipment checkout policy. By proceeding with a checkout, customers agree to this policy and are subject to all rules, regulations, fees and/or fines.

Late fees are accrued if an item is not returned by the specified due time. These fees are prorated based upon the amount of time that the item is overdue. 

Items will be considered Lost/Stolen if they are not returned by 5pm the Friday after Exam Week

Equipment is changed from “Late” to “Lost” based on the amount of time it is overdue. Customers will be charged for the replacement cost of any lost item plus the fines associated with the checkout.

Customers are responsible for any damage to the equipment that occurs during their check out session. Charges will be applied based on the severity of the actual damages.

We supply removable media when possible. Clients are responsible for their own data, including removable cards or internal storage. No backups or removal will be handled by IT.

Batteries are not provided with a full charge. Some devices will need to be recharged by the customers. Other devices will need AA or AAA batteries which will need to be provided by the customers. This information will be noted and/or conveyed to the customer at the time of checkout.

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