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PAW Print & Student Workers in Your Office

Departmental Copy Cards

Many WCU departments have student workers. If you do and if their duties include printing or copying documents, then you need to request a Departmental Copy Card that will let them use the PAW Print devices in your office and have the cost charged to your departmental budget. To request the Departmental Copy Card, you must submit an “Application for Departmental Copy Card” form which is available from the CatCard Office located in 135 Killian Annex. The application form must be completed by the student worker supervisor and returned in person to the CatCard Office. You only need to request one Departmental Copy Card that all the student workers in your office will use.

Billing Code & Use of the Card

A valid departmental billing code has to be entered on the application form. Any printing and copying done by student workers who use the Departmental Copy Card will be charged to the billing code entered on the application form.

Printing From a Departmental Computer

The departmental computer used by student workers must have the PAW Print Equitrac Release Key loaded. This lets them use the Departmental Copy Card to pay for the documents they print to a PAW Print device. (If you need the Equitrac Release Key for the student worker computer in your office, call the IT Help Desk at extension 7487.) When a student worker uses the computer, he or she will have to login using their Catamount Mail username and password. The print jobs they do will appear in the “Print Anywhere” queues (PAW_PRINT or PAW _PRINT_COLOR). When the student workers go to the PAW Print device to copy or to release a print job, they will have to swipe the Departmental Copy Card at the page counter terminal that is attached to the device.

Keeping Track of What’s Being Done

The student supervisor will be responsible for monitoring the printing and copying done by their student workers. The supervisor is also responsible for the Departmental Copy Card when it is not being used by student workers.

On the periodic PAW Print departmental billing reports, you will be able to identify student worker printing charges. They will be listed with the student’s Catamount Mail username. Charges for copies made by a student worker will not be listed with the student’s id information, but the copies they make will be included in the departmental totals and charged to the budget assigned to the Departmental Copy Card.


If you have questions about the Departmental Copy Card and how your student workers use it, you may call Tatum Beck at (828) 227 7003 or send email to

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