Wireless Device Compatibility

WCU requires top-notch security on our wireless network to ensure that your connection is safe and secure. Traditional home wireless security uses a single password for the whole network. At WCU, we can't possibly share one password for the whole campus! Therefore, the WCU network requires WPA2-Enterprise encryption, which supports individual usernames and passwords for each person. Since many devices out there are designed for home usage, the manufacturers didn't enable those devices to use Enterprise encryption.

Below we have generated a basic list of which devices commonly have and don't have this capability. We have also listed if the device can use the ethernet to gain access as a workaround. The devices we have listed for compatibility include: Streaming Players, eReaders/Tablets, Gaming Systems, and Other.

Streaming Players

Device: WCU Wireless: Ethernet Capable:
Roku LT, 1, 2HD, 2XD, HD(2000), Streaming Stick No No
Roku 3, SD, HD(2500), XDS, XD, HD-HR, 2XS No Yes
Apple TV (All generations) No No
TiVo Series 1 No No
TiVo Series 2 No Yes, w/ USB adapter
TiVo Series 3, Series 4, Series 5 No Yes
Smart TVs and Blu-Ray Players Not Likely Varies, see manufacturer specs before purchase
Google Chromecast No No



Device: WCU Wireless: Ethernet Capable:
Kindle 1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation No No
Kindle 4th Generation, 5th Generation, Fire, Fire HD, Fire HDX, Paperwhite Yes No
Nook 1st Generation No No
Nook, Nook HD, GlowLight, SimpleTouch (any generation past the 1st) Yes No
Apple iPad (any generation and size) Yes No


Gaming Systems

Device: WCU Wireless: Ethernet Capable:
Wii, WiiU No Yes w/ USB Adapter
Nintendo DS, 3DS No No
XBox 360 No Yes
XBox One No Yes
Playstation 3 No Yes
Playstation 4 No Yes
Ouya No Yes
Nintendo Switch No Yes



Device: WCU Wireless: Ethernet Capable:
Amazon Echo No No
Google Glass No No
Eye-Fi No No
Wireless Printers No No
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