Copyright Infringement

In order to comply with federal laws such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), WCU has created policies and procedures that help to protect the rights of intellectual property owners as defined by these laws. As a result, WCU prohibits the illegal sharing (downloading, distribution, copying) of materials that violate intellectual property laws.

To pursue or resolve a DMCA/HEOA complaint, please contact the following departments:

Students: Department of Student Community Ethics

Faculty/Staff: Human Resources

DMCA/HEOA full-text:

Related WCU policies:

WCU Process for Copyright Infringement


 Speak with your immediate supervisor or Dean.  They will receive a notice from the campus DMCA Agent as to the infringement and the appropriate steps to take.


Monitor your Catamount email for notice to schedule a time to meet with a member of the Department of Student Community Ethics (DSCE) or designated representative.

For First Time Offense: 

You MUST pass the online exam for the “Responsible Computing Course” with 85% or higher in order to have your internet reinstated. 

For Multiple Offenses: 

Internet will be reinstated on the date agreed upon by the Department of Student Community Ethics or the designated representative. 

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