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IT Governance & Prioritization

In recognition of the critical role that constituents play in the effective and efficient operation of IT Services at Western Carolina University, the following governance structure exists to ensure that policies, standards, and priorities mirror the needs of users in supporting the mission of the university. The IT Division seeks to create a transparent governance process with all governance meetings open to the campus community, meeting dates posted on the website, and meeting minutes available for review.

IT Governance structure



Through IT’s Department of Academic Engagement and IT Governance, the governance process will function so that there is in essence an “on-going discussion” with key stakeholders with respect to input, topics, needs, priorities, and analysis – and this will occur not just within the governance meeting structure. This will provide greater dialog and understanding regarding needs and priorities for university IT efforts to improve the student learning experience, enhance decision making, and advance overall administration efficiency and effectiveness.

In addition, working with the IT Office of Project Management, the Director of Academic Engagement and IT Governance will receive requests for IT projects from the campus community. All requests will be analyzed for their relationship to the mission and strategic directions of the university as well as for total cost of operations. The information for these two key sources will serve as the basis for governance committee discussion and decisions concerning implementation and prioritization. The chairs of college technology committees will receive copies of the agenda and minutes of all meetings.

Advisory Committees

The three advisory committees below serve at the request of the Information Technology Council to provide information and recommendations concerning information technology. They consider strategies and priorities from three sources: 1) those they deem important for discussion, 2) those brought to members by others in the university, and 3) those referred to the advisory committee by the ITC or CIO for study, discussion, and recommendations. These committees may also receive recommendations from college technology committees.

For more information, contact Annette Littrell, director of academic engagement and IT governance, at or 227-7282 or download the official WCU IT Governance and Prioritization document (PDF).

Meet Our Team

Annette Littrell


Annette Littrell, Ph.D.
Director, Academic Engagement and IT Governance
Associate Chief Information Officer
(828) 227-2411
109 B Cordelia Camp Building


Neil Calvert


Neil Calvert
Project Intake Analyst
Academic Engagement and IT Governance
(828) 227-2768
106 B3 Cordelia Camp Building


Sue Grider

Sue Grider
Academic Process and Systems Analyst
Academic Engagement and IT Governance
(828) 227-3284
109 C Cordelia Camp Building


Dawn Brown

Dawn Brown
Customer Experience and Quality Assurance Specialist
Academic Engagement and IT Governance
(828) 227-2557
106 B4 Cordelia Camp Building

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