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About the Administrative Technology Advisory Committee


The Administrative Technology Advisory Committee will advise the Information Technology Council concerning the collection, maintenance, and utilization of administrative information along with related systems, procedures, policies, priorities, and business processes. Decisions are made in the context of what is best from a university perspective. The committee serves an advisory role to the ITC and reports to the CIO and chair of the ITC.


  • The Administrative Technology Advisory Committee receives suggestions, recommendations, inquiries, and proposals regarding the application of technology and business processes to administrative activities from the faculty, staff, administrators, and governance groups across the campus.
  • The committee determines if proposals will be considered, amended, accepted, or rejected. Those accepted or accepted with amendments will be submitted with recommendations to the ITC.
  • On occasion, the Administrative Technology Advisory Committee may be asked to research and consider specific technology matters and to report its findings to the ITC.
  • To conduct the business of the committee, the Administrative Technology Advisory Committee has the option to solicit information and assistance from other campus offices and groups as needed.
  • The Administrative Technology Advisory Committee acts in an advisory capacity and is not a policy making body but it may submit what it deems as necessary and appropriate to the ITC. This committee does not involve itself in the ordinary processes and functions of administrative offices unless requested by those office heads or the Executive Council to do so.
  • The Administrative Technology Advisory Committee will submit a written report of its activities annually to the ITC, including any formal resolutions or recommendations adopted by the committee.


The following are permanent members of the Administrative Technology Advisory Committee:

  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
  • Member for Student Affairs, appointed by Vice Chancellor Student Affairs
  • Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Effectiveness
  • Registrar
  • Director of IT Applications and Data Management
  • Web Services Manager

The following serve a two-year appointment:

  • Academic Dean appointed by the Provost (which will also serve on the ITC)
  • Academic Department Head appointed by the Provost
  • Faculty Member Appointed by the Faculty Senate
  • Staff Senate Member Appointed by the Staff Senate
  • A Dean’s Administrative Assistant Appointed by the Provost

The following serve a one-year appointment:

  • An at large member from each of the following administrative divisions / user communities appointed by the respective division Vice Chancellor:
    o Student Affairs
    o Administration and Finance
    o Advancement and External Affairs

The ITC will give final approval.


The Administrative Technology Advisory Committee will select its chair from the membership by majority vote. The chair will serve a one year term and be eligible for re-election but may serve no more than two consecutive terms. Working with the Director of Applications and Data Management, the chair shall convene all meetings, develop the agenda, cast a vote on all motions, and arrange for minutes of the meeting.

Meeting Times

Meeting times will be established by the committee to accommodate the schedules including class schedules of as many members as possible. The committee will meet at least once during fall semester and at least once during spring semester.

Meetings and Communication/Record Keeping

All meetings are open to the campus community. The Administrative Technology Advisory Committee meets on a regular basis to consider action items from the previous meeting and new items.

Meeting agendas are distributed in advance of the meeting date. Pertinent information is attached to the agenda for review prior to the meeting. Requests to place items on the agenda are communicated to the chair at least one week prior to the meeting date. New business can be introduced and considered when appropriate. Minutes and meeting notes are kept and posted where campus constituents may view them. The committee needs to meet at least once each semester.

Chairs of the College Technology Committees will receive copies of the agenda and minutes of meetings.

Decision Making

A quorum, consisting of 33% of membership, must be present for the committee to take any official action. Consensus is preferred but formal votes may be taken in the event of differing opinions. All members present must vote; abstentions are not permitted. A member must be present to vote. Decisions take the form of recommendations to the ITC.

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