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Testing Accommodations

Faculty regularly provide approved testing accommodations for students with active accommodation letters, such as extended time and reduced distractions. In addition, the OAR Test Proctoring Center in Killian Annex offers alternative testing services for registered OAR students with testing accommodations.

Test accommodations adjust conditions to validly measure what the student with a disability has learned rather than measuring the impact of that person's disability.  A few examples include extended time on tests, reduced distractions, and computer and assistive tools. Students are encouraged to ask for the specific accommodations needed for each individual test. Remember, the specific testing accommodations requested must be identified on the student's accommodation letter. 

Students must submit their request for OAR Test Proctoring services by 4 pm, at least three (3) business days before the test during the semester, and five (5) business days before the test during finals week using the Student Request button below. BUSINESS DAYS DO NOT INCLUDE WEEKENDS.

Students must follow these procedures within the stated timelines for the OAR to proctor their test. The student will receive an Outlook calendar invitation at least one business day prior to their test confirming that the OAR will proctor the test. If the student does not receive this confirmation, please contact the OAR at 828-227-3886.

Regular Semester

Send Request no later than 4 pm on: To take the test on the following:
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday

Final Exam Week

Send request no later than 4 pm on:  To take the test on the following: 
Monday Monday
Tuesday Tuesday
Wednesday Wednesday
Thursday Thursday
Friday Friday

**PLEASE DO NOT SEND DUPLICATE REQUEST - contact our office by phone or email for any changes



Frequently Asked Questions

No. If your instructor can administer your exam with your approved accommodations, then they should do so.

It is the student's responsibility to schedule individual exams and you must do so at least three (3) business days in advance of your exam. Follow the procedure described in the section above.

If you do not schedule your exam with OAR using the proper procedure (as described in the section above for the Test Proctoring Request Procedure), OAR may not allow you to take your exam in our office. You will have to take your exam with the instructor and the rest of the class.

No. You must first contact your instructor and discuss it with him/her. Once you agree with the instructor on a make-up date/time, we are happy to administer the exam. We will not administer a test other than at the originally scheduled time without written approval from the instructor.

In order to maintain the security and integrity of testing, OAR will not allow you to bring your own reader. OAR assigns readers based upon availability of our staff and cannot guarantee a particular person to read. In some cases, OAR may use Assistive Technology for reading exams aloud.

Yes, if you have met with OAR, received your Letters of Accommodation, and given them to your instructors. To schedule exams, you must follow the procedure outlined in the section: Test Proctoring Request Procedure. Final exams require one-week notice. If you have not picked up your Letters of Accommodation or have not given the letters to your instructors, then you must take your exams with the rest of the class without accommodations.

No. You must take your exam on the same day as or near the same time as the rest of the class unless you have multiple finals on the same day and have made prior arrangements with your instructor. Only your instructors—not OAR—can approve changes in your exam schedule. Work, travel, or other extra-curricular activities are not valid reasons for moving the date of an exam.

Only your instructors—not OAR—can approve changes in your exam schedule. Work, travel, or other extra-curricular activities are not valid reasons for moving the date of an exam.

No. You must begin your exam at the scheduled start time. If you wish to begin more than 15 minutes before or after the scheduled start time, OAR must have approval from your instructor.

No. If you are not taking an exam, we will assume you are finished and collect your exam.

You may only take items that are approved by your instructor (i.e. calculator, book, notepaper, etc). You may have a drink or snack with you if you like, but please do not spread out and make yourself a picnic.
Absolutely NO cell phones/smartphones/tablets are allowed in the testing rooms.

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