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In order to become a lawyer, you must:

  • complete a bachelor’s degree (in any major)
  • take the Law School Admission Test ( LSAT)
  • complete law school (3 years)
  • pass a state bar examination

What should I major in?

There is no prescribed major for admission into law school. Fields of study to consider should be areas that will be beneficial to you during and after law school. You need to show that you have strong skills in analytical and critical thinking, research, reading, writing, and oral communication.

Your program of study should provide a strong liberal arts basis while leading to the mastery of a particular discipline. The program should be rigorous. Most importantly, you need to select a major based on your interests, alternative career options, and a subject you might focus on once you are practicing law.

Who can help me at WCU?

Zachary Williams at 828.227.2555 or

Honors College students contact: Emily Sharpe at 828.227.3277 or

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