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Undergraduate Academic Project Grants

The Office of the Provost sponsors Undergraduate Academic Project Grants (APGs) to fund project-related expenses. Students who submit a proposal can be granted up to $500 in project-related support. Faculty members can submit proposals on behalf of student groups. Proposals are accepted on a 4-month cycle between October and March. This year the deadlines for student proposal submissions are:

  • October 4, 2018
  • November 1, 2018
  • January 31, 2019
  • February 28, 2019

Undergraduate Academic Project Grants support undergraduate research and creative work at Western Carolina University. Any full-time student or group of students  working with a faculty sponsor is eligible to apply for a grant. Grant support provides support in many ways, including equipment, supplies, or travel. Please note: Equipment purchased through a grant reverts back to the student’s department once the project is complete.

This program is supported by Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) funds generated from local tuition.

This program is administered by The Office of the Provost; please direct requests for information regarding travel forms, purchase orders, or reimbursement processes or other questions to Kloo Hansen, Undergraduate Research Coordinator, at 227-3016.

The Office of the Provost would like to acknowledge the service and dedication on the part of our faculty review committee. The Academic Project Grants Committee is made up of representatives from each college, the Hunter Library, and the Office of the Provost. The 2017-2018 Academic Project Grants Faculty Committee Members are:


The College of Arts & Sciences:

Dr. Indi Bose
Associate Professor of Biology

The College of Business:

Dr. Sanjay Rajagopal
Associate Professor of Finance

The College of Education & Allied Professions:

Dr. Callie Shultz
Assistant Professor of Human Services

The College of Engineering & Technology:

Dr. Oai Ha
Assistant Professor of Engineering & Technology

The College of Health & Human Sciences:

Dr. Kim Hall
Assistant Professor of Health Sciences

The Hunter Library:

Dr. Paromita Biswas
Assistant Professor
Office of the Dean - Hunter Library


The Office of the Provost:

Mrs. Kloo C. Hansen (Committee Chair)
Undergraduate Research Coordinator

Congratulations to the following students, student groups, and their faculty mentors on receiving an Academic Project Grant Award for Fall 2017!


Emergency Medical Care students presenting at the Prehospital Research Forum: 

Mohammed Alqarni, Nathaniel Andrews, Lauren Baron, Matthew Benefield, Joseph Davis, Brittany Faw, Zachary Grant, Delaney Garris, Jacob Jones, Dylan Morgan, Michael Penland, Darius Pettiford, Justin Saunders, Heather Stanley, Justin Stevenson, Jordan Sybounheuang, and Roberto Vaca 

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Michael W. Hubble


Music students presenting at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention:

Levi Marenda, Heath Ballard, Kendall Rhymer, Jonathan Myers, Matthew Brotherton, Kenneth Gerrish, Aaron Rogers, Christian Bruce, Dakota Groves, Chris Bryant, Max Schmidt, and Casey Case

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Adam Groh


Anthropology & Sociology students investigating Early Pisgah Woven Reed Impressed Pottery:

Chelsea Justice, Katy Milke, and Amber York 

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Jane Eastman


Geosciences & Natural Resources students analyzing the Mineral Chemistry of Meteorites:

Kenya Ingram, Micki Recchuiti, John Morgan, Kayla LeDuc, Donovan Hier, Evan Skeen, Kevin Cottingham, James Abbott, Madison Hall, Aubree Ross, Jake Samuels, Molly Suminski, and Liam Turner 

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Amy Fagan


Geosciences & Natural Resources student investigating Mineral Compostition of Western North Carolina Clays:

Marguerite Suminski

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Amy Fagan


Biology student investigating Keratin Localization in Stem and Embryonic Cells:

Jade Hollars

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Heather Coan


Biology students investigating Lethal Neutralizing Toxin Factor (LNTF) in the Virginia Opossum Binds to Insulin Degrading Enzyme: 

Sierra Rice and Cameron Garrett

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Robert Youker


Chemistry & Physics student investigating the Evelopment of a Textile Material with Antimicrobial Properties for Potential Clinical Use:

Monica Reece

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Channa De Silva


Geosciences & Natural Resources student investigating Pseudoscientific Beliefs In Gems and Crystals versus Knowledge of Geology in the General Public:

Holly Hurding-Jones

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Frank Forcino 


School of Art and Design student creating and installing a sculpture in the Cultural Heritage Center courtyard that reflects the campus theme, Cherokee: Community, Culture, Connectios:

Todd Martin

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Tom Ashcraft 


Chemistry & Physics student Synthesizing Europium Fluorescence Probes for the Detection of Melanoma: 

Alyssa Frediani

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Brian Dinkelmeyer


Chemistry & Physics student investigating the Determination of Sugar Mixtures Using Infrared Spectroscopy and Multivariate Data Analysis: 

Morgan Cheek

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Scott Huffman


Chemistry & Physics student investigating the Structural Determination of a Novel Mycobacteriophage Repressor Protein:

Reliza McGinnis

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Jamie Wallen


Chemistry & Physics students investigating the Role of DNA Polymerase I Enzyme in Mycobacteriophage DNA Replication:

Matthew McDonough and Nathan Folse

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Jamie Wallen


Engineering students constructing an Omnidirectional, Ball-Balancing, Autonomous Robot:

Richard Lavellee, Ethna Stiles, Bradley Day, and Jerome Suminski 

Faculty Mentors:

Dr. Scott Pierce and Dr. Paul Yanik


Anthropology & Sociology student investigating the Effects of Prolonged Decomposition on the Structural Integrity of DNA:

Alexandra Cruz

Faculty Mentor:

Katie Zejdlik-Passalacqua


Biology students Detecting Hybridization in the Trillium erectum Complex via Microsatellite Amplification & Analysis:

Taylor Gray and Anna McCormick 

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Katherine Mathews


Biology student Making a Cas9 Containing Plasmid for Expression in Cryptococcus Neoformans:

Katie Spaulding

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Indi Bose  

Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

WCU's 2018 Summer Undergraduate Research Program includes scholarship in ALL disciplines, including creative endeavors in the arts, and the program is open to ALL students who wish to apply. There are no exclusions! Students will work one-on-one with faculty. We will rely on the faculty mentors to understand what high level undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative endeavors in their discipline or field entails and to guide their students appropriately. The dates for the summer research program will be May 30 through July 25, 2018. Approximately 10 teams will be selected for participation this summer. Students in the program will receive a summer stipend, summer credits, a $100 supply budget, and will have a campus housing option.

More information

Questions may be directed to:
Bill Kwochka, 2018 Summer Undergraduate Research Program Director
Jill Granger, Dean of The Honors College
Kloo Hansen, Coordinator for Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Study Abroad Travel Support (SATS)

The Honors College offers a limited number of Study Abroad Travel Support (SATS) to reimburse students for travel abroad in an approved sponsored program. Travel on your own (outside an approved sponsored program) will not be considered. Students traveling abroad and earning academic credits will be prioritized over students who are traveling abroad without enrolling in credit bearing courses. Students who have not previously received funds for travel will be prioritized over those who have previously received funds.

Your application will be considered by a committee of staff and faculty, and you will be notified about the outcome via email within four weeks of the submission deadline. For more information, download the application materials here:

SATS Application
SATS Application

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